The Future of Titanfall Isn’t Looking too Good, Devs Leaving Respawn Entertainment

The future of Titanfall hangs in the balance as many notable Respawn Entertainment devs are leaving the studio. According to data gathered from LinkdIn, a bunch of developers have left Respawn Entertainment to join Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward.

The studio is currently working on the next Call of Duty games, set to be announced sometime early next year. While the future of the next Call of Duty looks promising, Titanfall 3 or any other projects under development at Respawn are going to struggle.

  • Ranon Sarono – Senior Animator at Respawn, now Senior Animator at Infinity Ward
  • Joel Emslie – Former Art Lead at Infinity Ward, Former Art Director at Respawn, now Studio Art Director at Infinity Ward
  • Geoffrey Smith – Former Designer at Infinity Ward, Former Lead Game Designer at Respawn, now Multiplayer Design Director at Infinity Ward
  • Mark Grigsby – Former Lead Animator at Infinity Ward, Former Lead Animator at Respawn, now Animation Director at Infinity Ward
  • John Mundy – Senior Game Designer at Respawn, now Senior Game Designer at Infinity Ward
  • Joshua Dunnam – Senior Environment Artist at Respawn, now Senior Environment Artist at Infinity Ward
  • Dom McCarthy – Producer at Respawn, now Producer at Infinity Ward

Titanfall 2 released back in 2016 so its been two years since we saw something from Respawn Entertainment. With so many developers leaving, let’s hope that can keep it together for their next project.

Meanwhile, this year’s Call of Duty is trying something very different. Devs are adding a Battle Royale mode and weaving narrative into the zombies mode.

Black Ops 4 is releasing on October 12 for consoles and PC while EA will showcase the next Battlefield later this month, which is rumored to be heading to Vietnam. Titanfall is also published by EA so we may see the next installment at EA PLAY next month.

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