The Free Twitch Prime Games For October 2019 Have Been Announced

Those who enjoy Twitch Prime are no stranger to free games. They already revealed the titles that will be available on the platform during October 2019.

Gradually, players who like subscription services are getting used to receiving free games. Those who enjoy Twitch Prime are no stranger to this and as every month, they already revealed the titles that will be available on the platform during October 2019.

A few moments ago, the Twitter personality, Wario64, revealed the free games that will be offered during October 2019 to Twitch Prime subscribers and this time we have some deliveries in line with what will be the Halloween party.

October 2019 Twitch Prime free games include:

  • Adam Wolfe
  • Deadlight Director’s Cut
  • Serial Cleaner
  • Stranger Things 3: The game
  • The Walking Dead Michonne

Twitch Prime

Initially, the platform will offer Adam Wolfe, a game developed by Mad Head Games that presents a proposal with elements of puzzle and exploration in the purest style of the detectives, only in this story, we will take the role of Adam Wolfe, researcher of the paranormal.

On the other hand, Twitch Prime will also have available for free, Deadlight – Director’s Cut. This is a game developed by Tequila Works that presents a Survival Horror experience from a lateral perspective starring Randall Wayne, a forest guard who goes in search of his family after a zombie apocalypse in the Seattle of 1986.

In Deadlight: Director’s Cut, the future has vanished. The new version of the apocalyptic adventure video game features better controls, new animations, and an improved resolution of 1080p. In addition, a new game mode has been included, called Survival Arena, which presents us with greater challenges than those seen in the original game.

Also, the Twitch Premium service will offer Serial Cleaner, a 2D game developed by Draw Distance. Serial Cleaner is a title of stealth, action and adventure that will take us to the 70s.

The game puts us in the role of a character who must clean the crime scenes by getting rid of corpses, cleaning the blood, hiding the weapons and, ultimately, eliminate any evidence that may incriminate the responsible if the police suspect and interrogate us, that will affect our reputation.

Taking advantage of the most recent Stranger Things season released a few months ago and given the theme of the month, Twitch Prime will have Stranger Things 3: The Game, a delivery developed by BonusXP that presents a proposal of action and riddles inspired by the successful series of Netflix with a retro touch from the 16-bit era.

Finally, fans of Telltale Games will be happy to know that The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries will be available for free on Twitch Prime. The Walking Dead: Michonne is a Telltale miniseries in the form of a graphic adventure that deals with the story of the character from Robert Kirkman’s original comic book, bridging between Telltale video games and the comic book version.

The game takes us through three downloadable episodes, and with the usual graphic style of the Telltale Games titles, the adventures lived by Michonne is in a world inhabited by the undead.

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