The Forgotten City Endings Guide

The brand-new RPG Forgotten City features multiple exciting endings. In this guide, we’ll be taking a dig into the requirements to unlock every single one of them.

The Forgotten City Endings

There are a total of four endings that we’ve come across in Forgotten City. Each one of the endings requires different objectives in The Forgotten City to be completed in order to be unlocked.

Our guide below will talk you through everything you need to about all these endings. So, let’s get started!

Ending # 1 – The Many Shall Suffer

For the first ending in our list, you will need a weapon. If you select the soldier class, you will be given a handgun to start with, whereas, in the case of other class backgrounds, you will need to make your way to the Roman Baths and watch Fabia being destroyed inside the shrine.

Now head to the bath entrance, where you’ll encounter the Assassin. Try to coerce him out of his mission. However, he won’t listen to you and break the Golden Rule.

Now, quickly time warp back to the past and warn Fabia to change her hiding spot. Also, deceive the Assassin by telling him that his target is still inside the shrine.

Resultantly, the Assassin will be taken down, and you will be able to use his body for a wooden bow.

Finally, make your way to Sentius’ Villa and kill the Magistrate. You will be sent back to your own time, but AI won’t allow you to get to Karen. The credits will then start to roll.

Ending # 2 – The One That Got Away

To trigger this ending, firstly, you will need to gain access to the upper part of the Cistern and then free Sentilla. As far as getting to Cistern is concerned, there are two methods you can opt for.

Method # 1

First off, head to Desius in the Forum and show him the wooden bow. As a result, he will open up the Shrine of Diana and give you a fake Golden Bow.

Replace the fake Golden Bow with a real one and equip it. Now, shoot at the hornet nest hanging above to transform into solid Gold.

Having done that, head back to the city using the pathway that takes you through the entire Palace dungeon.

Head into the lower part of the Cistern near the Villas and, using the Golden Bow, turn the upper leaves into Gold. Lastly, ascend to the top section.

Method # 2

This method requires you to complete the following objectives in the past time loop:

  • Grab the Assassin’s order and show them to Claudia. Get your hands on wine either from the slums or by purchasing it from Aurelia. Hand over the wine to Claudia in exchange for the love letter. Show this letter to Malleolus and persuade him to forgo the elections.
  • Prevent Fabia from being overpowered inside the shrine.
  • Talk to Naevia or get ahold of her key from the slums and unlock the chest in the Shrine of Apollo in a quest to find the cure for rheumatism.
  • Look for Rufius’ note in his slums room. Once you find it, cure his rheumatism and, in exchange, ask him to leave Vergil alone.
  • Make your way to the Great Temple, and don’t stop Ulpius from committing suicide at least once. Now, head to the Forum and either purchase or steal Siliphium Resin from Desius. Time travel back to the past and hand over the Resin to Lucretia in order to save Iulia.
  • Lastly, inform Ulpius that Iulia is safe and put her attention towards Sentilla to free him.

Once you’ve completed all the objectives above, use the time loop again and tell Galerius the solution for all of them. As a result, he will be motivated enough to ace the election.

After his victory, he will free Duli, who will, in turn, provide you the key to the upper Cistern.

Whatever method you chose to enter upper Cistern, go and free Sentilla to trigger the ending.

Ending # 3 – The Ones That Got Away

To view this ending, the prerequisites are largely the same as the previous one. However, when you meet Sentilla, disagree with her.

Next, time warp to inform Galerius of everything and have him assemble as many citizens as possible.

Finally, head back into the Cistern to let Sentilla know about Galerius’s move and free her.

Ending # 4 – The Canon Ending

For the last ending on our list, you will need to collect four plaques. Below, you will find how you can do that.

Greek Plaque

Make Galerius Magistrate by freeing Duli. Before Duli breaks the Golden Rule, quickly rush into Duli’s cell to grab the Plaque.

Roman Plaque

Don’t stop Ulpius from jumping off the Great Temple. Then, chase Octavia as she runs away in sorrow to be able to enter the Secret Shrine. Inside the shrine, you will find the desired Plaque.

Egyptian Plaque

First off, overcome the Assassin by tricking him into entering the crumbling shrine. Then, walk around the town and interview people. Once enough interviews are being carried out, talk to Equitia to start probing the Roman Baths.

Next, once you’ve found the bath mural, enter the Temple of Demeter and locate the Hermit Philosopher. Talk positively about your findings in the bath mural, and he’ll hand over the key to The Duat.

Finally, go to the very end of this dungeon, where you’ll find Khabash. Speak with him, and he’ll give you the Egyptian Plaque.

Sumerian Plaque

When you acquire the Egyptian Plaque from Khabash, you’ll him dropping the Sumerian Plaque down the hole. Jump down and grab it.

Having done that, you will now need to escape, and Khabash will come after you.

You can kill him, but that would break the Golden Rule, making the zone very unsafe. Alternatively, persuade Khabash into a peaceful settlement.

With all the plaques at your disposal, enter the Great Temple and speak to the Lord. You’ll soon learn that he is mortal. When talking about the Golden Rule, tell him that both he and his forerunners are just as flawed as other humans.

Alternatively, you can threaten the Lord, execute his mistress, and take her crown. Then, time loop and in the upcoming cycle, show the Lord the crown of his lover.