Square Enix Trademarks “The Flames Of Fate” Before Dragon Quest 12 Release Date

Square Enix has trademarked the phrase "The Flames of Fate", which might be hinting that we'll get an official Dragon Quest 12 release date.

Square Enix might have just dropped what the title will be for Dragon Quest 12, even though they have yet to officially confirm the release date of that game. The studio recently trademarked the phrase “The Flames of Fate”, which could very likely refer to the title of the new Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest 12 will obviously be the twelfth entry in the RPG series, four years after Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of An Elusive Age. The newly-trademarked phrase seems to fit with the sort of theme the title is looking for, and if Square Enix has trademarked it, it may be that we’ll be seeing something new from them the next time they attend a big event.

The closest event at the moment is the Game Awards, which will be happening in early December. While the Game Awards is an awards show, very often multiple announcement trailers are shown over the course of the event to set a tone of what games to expect for next year. Otherwise, we might see it sometime next summer, around E3.

It would stand to reason though, that The Flames of Fate would be something Square Enix wants to announce as soon as possible. Dragon Quest is one of their greatest and longest-running series, after all, and Dragon Quest XI was a big success, enough to get a port on the Nintendo Switch after its initial release.

The last inkling of Dragon Quest 12 that we heard was a teaser trailer all the way back in June, five months ago. Considering that a lot of fire was involved in that trailer, The Flames of Fate seems like it would be an apt subtitle for it. But either way, we’ll have to wait for official word from Square Enix to see if our speculating turns out to be correct.

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