The Evil Within Tweaks, Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

List of The Evil Within Tweaks, errors, crashes, freezes with workarounds to fix them!

Evil Within
Many of us were hoping that The Evil Within would be a worthy addition to the survival horror genre. To me, it’s worth playing, and if you have purchased the game, I am hoping that you have the same experience as I did.

However, games on PC can be a trouble sometimes based on the issued we get around launch with the newly released PC games. Like most of the times, we have shortlisted the common problems that are being reported for The Evil Within on PC with their possible fixes and workarounds.

Feel free to browse through the following list to find workarounds and fixes for your issues:

#1 The Evil Within – How to Increase the FPS Limit
By default, The Evil Within is locked at 30 FPS as recommended by Shinji Mikami. However, if you disagree and want to increase it, you will need a couple of modifications. First, you need to enable the in-game console.

To do that, in the launch options (set launch options if you are using Steam) you need to add the following command line:

+com_allowconsole 1

Now, run the game and press “insert” key on your keyboard to open the console. Once the console is open, you need to enter the following command to increase FPS to 60:

R_Swapinterval -1

If you set that number to “0” it will totally uncap FPS and if it’s “-2”

You should know that if you don’t want to enter these commands by this manner, you can also choose to do that by editing your config file, which can be found at Users/your name/saved games/tangogameworks/theevilwithin/base/.

#2 The Evil Within – How to Get Rid of Black Borders
That’s an issue related to the aspect ratio. You can fix it too by using a command line (refer to #1 to see how to enable console in-game).

R_Forceaspectratio 1.8 or R_Forceaspectratio 2

The value 1.8 or 2 will vary depending on your screen. Furthermore, you can use zero for full screen which I don’t believe can be a good option for survival horror experience like The Evil Within.

#3 The Evil Within Shadowplay Recording Fix
If your game is being crashed when you try to record Evil Within footage with Shadowplay, try turning on the desktop recording to resolve the issue.

#4 The Evil Within Game Crashes on Startup Logo
Some users have reported that their game is being crashed on Startup logo. If that’s the case with you, you can try skipping the intro videos by using the following command line:

+com_skipIntroVideo 1

#5 The Evil Within D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain FAILED with Error (126)
First, you need to be sure that you are running a dx11 compatible GPU. If that’s not a worry for you, try doing a fresh install for your GPU drivers and DirectX.

Restart your PC after that and the problem should be fixed.

#6 The Evil Within Game Does Not Start
If you can’t launch the game via Steam, try running it through the game’s folder. Just make sure that you are launching both Steam and the game’s file using “As Administrator.”

#7 The Evil Within – The Game Crashes Randomly
If your game is being crashed on the random basis and your PC is good enough to handle it, try disabling Steam Overlay option as some users have reported that it fixed the issue for them.

#8 The Evil Within – The Game Crashes on Launch
If none of the above fixes have worked for you, try running the game in different compatibility mode through launch options (Vista SP2 compatibility mode).

If you come across any other issue, comment and we will try to help you out!

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