The Elder Scrolls Online Power Leveling Guide

There is no doubt that The Elder Scrolls Online is a fun game to play. Whether it is exploring the world, reading books, or completing quests, each task has a unique experience.

Although some people believe that one should take one’s time when it comes to playing The Elder Scrolls Online, the others firmly hold on to getting their stats to max as soon as possible.

If you belong to the former group of players then you might not find something worthwhile.

As for the latter group, in this guide, I will be sharing a few tips using which you will hit the max level in far less time. However, it will certainly make the game look less appealing.

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Tie a Knot with Someone
Getting married is a fun aspect in The Elder Scrolls Online. And unlike real life, it has its in-game advantages.

Once you get married in the game, you and your spouse will receive 10% bonus XP for every task you perform. However, in order to get married, you will need a special item that only comes with the game’s Imperial Edition.

The complete procedure on how to get married in The Elder Scrolls Online and its pros and cons can be found in my How to Get Married.

Become a Book Worm!
Now, before you start bashing me with your comments, you don’t have to read the books that you may find in The Elder Scrolls Online. All I am asking you to do is to find a book, interact with it, and get on your chores.

Another thing you need to know is that reading books do not increase your character level at all.

But there are other things tied to reading books. Those of you who played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will remember that reading books could teach you new skills and spells.

Same is the case with this game. In addition to this, you may come across some crafting recipes which are very useful.

The World is yours to Explore
It is a shame not to go out and explore the wonders of the world of The Elder Scrolls Online; especially when you pay a hefty subscription fee.

You will not only discover all sorts of creatures, beautiful sceneries, hidden dungeons, Crafting Stations, and Skyshards, but also discovering a new area in the game rewards you with bonus XP.

This process is certainly very time consuming, but then again, why rush? The amount of bonus XP received from this method can significantly be increased by wearing the Explorer Armor.

This armor is pretty helpful in gaining tons of XP for exploring as it increases the amount of bonus XP by 50%.

Always Have a Partner by your Side
This is generally a good idea to complete a run with someone to watch your back.

Increasing the number of player will serve you much better. Using this way, you will be able to take out enemies in a much faster and the clearing out the hardest dungeons will not cause any problem.

Completing Quests, Killing Bosses, and Dark Anchors
This sounds like an obvious thing to do, but this is again an advantage of exploring different parts of the world. While on your way, you will come across all sorts of creatures and enemies. Killing these creatures will reward you with hefty amount of XP.

In addition to these regular enemies, you will also come across Dark Anchors which are kind of mini-bosses. Taking out the Dark Anchors is highly recommended since they will not only award you with tons of XP, but also other valuable items.

And like I have aforementioned, completing dungeons and taking out bosses with a partner saves you insane amount of time that can be spent anywhere else.

Choose your Perfect Build
Many a players don’t pay heed to this, but this is the most important thing to do if you plan on doing Power Level. There is a humongous amount of Builds out there on the internet, but not each one of them is for you.

You need to experiment with the builds and find one that compliments your unique play style.

With this, you will have to do less grinding in quests and dungeons and will level up fast. Therefore, experiment with the builds and keep in mind whether you want to run solo or with a full party.

In addition to this, you also need to choose a class which compliments your play style and have your unique builds on them.

I am sure that using these methods, you will hit the max level by spending much less time. If you have any other ways to level up fast, let us know in the comments below!

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