The Division Weapons Leaked Through Open Beta Files!

A list of all The Division weapons has been leaked through datamined open beta files revealing a total of 58 usable weapons; complete list inside.

We know that Red Storm, an independent studio was hired specially to develop The Division weapons, but so far we didn’t get a detailed rundown on what the game is going to let you wield. Thanks to some datamined open beta files of the game, we know now.

A mega list of 58 weapons that are going to be usable in the game has been uncovered with some classics being included while others being skipped like the P90 and M-16.

The Division open beta had started exactly a week ago but it did not feature all of the weapons because access had been limited to only a given amount of in-game content. However, there usually are ways of getting more out of such testing sessions than what the developers plan, and the datamined list below is one example of that.

Leaked The Division Weapons List From Open Beta

  • 1891/59 Carbine
  • 586 Magnum
  • 686 Magnum
  • 821SMG
  • ACR Link
  • ACR-E
  • AK 47
  • AK 47M(or AKM?)
  • AK 47U
  • AK 5C
  • AUG A3P
  • Converted SMG-9
  • Double Barrel
  • Double Barrel sawn off
  • FAL
  • G36
  • Glock 30
  • HK21
  • L85
  • L86 A2
  • L86 LSW
  • LFP586
  • LVOA-S
  • M&P 45
  • M110
  • M14
  • M1911
  • M1A
  • M240B
  • M249
  • M4
  • M44
  • M45A1
  • M60E4
  • M60E6
  • M870 MCS
  • M9
  • MP5
  • MP7
  • Mk 20 SSR
  • MK46
  • P416
  • PDW 8
  • PF45 (possibly fp-45 or p45)
  • PSL
  • Px4 Storm
  • RPK-74
  • SA-58
  • SASG-12
  • SCAR-H Mk 17
  • SCAR-L Mk 16
  • SR-16
  • SRS A1
  • Super 90
  • T821
  • Tec-9
  • UMP
  • Vector 45 ACP

The game’s open beta has ended now, and we are all waiting for the march 8 release date.

Are you content with the total number of The Division weapons that Ubisoft has decided to make a part of the game? Tell us which other weapons you would have loved to have in the game. Also, if you have played The Division open beta, you should also share which of the weapons you prefered to use!

Source: Reddit

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