The Division Update 1.6 Adds Microtransactions To The Game, Pissing Off Players

Ubisoft is currently working on the next big patch for The Division and the PTS for the patch is currently live. As the developers revealed in their stream, The Division update 1.6 will be adding microtransactions to the game in the form of a premium currency.

This bit of information has the game’s community pretty divided and all guns are once again facing towards Ubisoft for false advertising. After all, a spokesperson did confirm to Eurogamer before the release of the game that there will be no microtransactions.

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Granted, their definition of microtransactions were pretty confusing in the start, however with The Division update 1.6, Massive and Ubisoft have fully come forth and said they will be adding a premium currency to the game which will allow players to buy cosmetic items.

While these cosmetic items, which will include weapon and backpack skins as well as other items to bling out the characters without providing any gameplay advantage, are completely optional, many gamers feel it is this “miscommunication” from Ubisoft’s side that has led to the community not trusting them at all.

Ubisoft’s bait and switch tactics have been heavily criticized in the past and it all picked up steam after the visual downgrades of Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

In the official FAQ posted on the forums, Ubisoft has mentioned that with the addition of this premium currency in The Division update 1.6, it will give developers more chances to add vanity items to the game as players want while making sure no resources are sacrificed from the development of the main game.

These Premium credits will only be purchaseable from in-game and first party stores like the PlayStation store, Xbox Games Store and Uplay shop, all of which already sell various DLC for the game as outfit packs.

The Division update 1.6 is scheduled to go live alongside The Last Stand paid expansion although there is no launch date as of yet.

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