The Division Shows Off Some Impressive Weather Effects

A new video has been shown for The Division that shows the weather effects and times of day in the game. With more promised tomorrow, what will be shown?

The Division is one of those games that seems forever delayed. With 2016 looking to be the year it will finally be released, it may be the first time in a while that the game doesn’t make an appearance at E3, unless of course the release date slips.

Taking place in a New York in crises Ubisoft are creating a living breathing world, even though most of the people you’ll meet in it will be enemies wanting to take you down. To show how impressive New York looks and a new, but short video was revealed on Twitter showing not only the different times of day, but also the range of weather featured in the game:

While the video is impressive, what is more interesting is the fact that they are promising more tomorrow. Will this show how the city adapts? Or will we be seeing some new details about the game? With Paris Games Week taking place next week, chances are we could even see something then.

In the coming months Ubisoft have to get the gamers invested in the game and be willing to spend cash on it. While little videos like the one shown may be impressive, gamers have been burned by Ubisoft before. With The Division showing that it has some true potential, it will be interesting to see what the final game will look like when it finally gets released.

Are you still looking forward to the release of The Division? Let us know your thoughts below.

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