The Division Phoenix Credits Handed Out to Compensate for Issues

The Division Phoenix Credits are offered to players who experience many issues since the release of the game. Login this weekend to earn extra.

Ubisoft and compensations go hand in hand; we all remember what happened with Assassin’s Creed Unity. The game had so many issues that Ubisoft had to cancel its season pass and give away free content to make up for it.

Now, The Division players are being compensated in the form of The Division Phoenix Credits.

Ubisoft is giving The Division players 100s of Phoenix credits to make up for some major issues we faced since release. One of the recent issues was characters disappearing from the Xbox One version of the game. There was something wrong with the Dark Zone which logged players out, they signed back in only find out that there character has gone missing.

The problem affected the game after a new patch rolled out.

Other notable issue was the notorious backpack bug. It blocked players from signing in to the game whenever they crafted high-end backpacks.

To make up for this, Ubisoft is giving 500 The Division Phoenix Credits along with 10 of all High-End crafting materials including Division Tech, Gun Parts, Fabric, Tools and Electronics.

Another 150 Phoenix Credits will be given to everyone who login to The Division this weekend to compensate for daily challenges not being updated for three days.

Next major release from Ubisoft is Ghost Recon Wildlands and Watch Dogs 2. Hopefully, the company won’t have to compensate for possible post-release issues for both of these games.

Both Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs 2 will be present at E3 2016. Ubisoft has already shared its plans to take over EA’s slot for E3 2016.

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