The Division High-end Gear Farming Guide – How to Get Best Loot

When it comes to acquiring high-end gear, completing Challenge Mode Missions and the DZ exploration are probably few of the best methods.

However, instead of just aimlessly roaming around and completing missions; it is a good idea to grind a specific mission which is known to work.

The Division High-end Gear Farming

This guide essentially details probably one of the best [if not the best one] methods of acquiring high-end loot after hitting Level 30. While the run can be completed with only a couple of players, it is a good idea to complete it with a full-squad:

The Division Level 30 Gear Pre-Requisites

The first thing that you need to acquire is the Vector-45 ACP blueprint. To do so, speak with the vendor up the stairs on the left-hand-side of Tech-Wing. Once done, craft the weapon as soon as possible.

After acquiring the Vector-45 ACP, you need to start the Lexington Event Center mission on challenging. The mission has plenty of spawn-trap locations and you will not face much difficulty in completing it even with just two players.

However, it is a good idea to complete the runs with a full-squad. If possible, each squad member should run different abilities such as damage boost, damage resistance, and medical abilities.

Last but not the least; do not expect to complete a run in a couple of minutes. Be patient, play strategically, and you should do fine.

The Division Lexington Event Center Walkthrough

After heading in the open area, toss a couple of grenades towards the JTF soldier. Once done, spread out and eliminate enemies behind vehicles and other locations.

Once you arrive in the media room, hide behind the couch and use shock grenades as well as stun to get the rushers. Moreover, do not forget to dish out coordinated damage as soon as spawn doors open up. And do not shy to retreat when required!

After you arrive at the rooftop, make sure not to leave the elevator. The elevators work as safe zones in the game. When inside, enemy explosions will not do damage, enemies will de-aggro, and will stand outside to let you eliminate them.

However, do note that the technique can get patched in future. Anyway, once you arrive in the basement section, use the elevator technique once again!

Finally, coming to the boss battle, make sure to rush the snipers on the opposite side of you, clear a couple of LMGs, maintain height as well as distance, use constant healing, and continue to dish out damage to the boss to complete the mission.

Tip: As long as you do not instantly fast-travel to base, you can rinse and repeat the mission until you have acquired the desired loot.

If everything goes successfully, you will acquire about 20,000 credits, 30 phoenix credits, and high-end loot.

This is all we have on acquiring high-end gear in The Division. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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