The Division Gear, Gear Upgrades, Score/Rarity, Attributes, Mods, Grenades Guide

Understanding The Division Gear, Gear Upgrades, Gear Score, Gear Rarity, Gear Attributes, Gear Mods, Gear Sets, Grenades and how to increase gear score.

The Division gear holds paramount significance when it comes to sheer surviving and doing well during endgame.

Instead of simply equipping any piece of the Division gear you come across, you need to consider things such as attributes, gear mods, and gear score before making up your mind. With a total of 6 available equipment slots, you can either go with a pre-made gear set or form your unique gear using various components.

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The Division Gear, Gear Upgrades, Score, Rarity, Grenades

Similar to the Division weapons, the gear also plays an important role in ensuring the survival of your character. There are a total of 6 equipment slots in the Division; allowing you to equip different pieces of gear.

Since we have yet to try everything out, some of the things mentioned in the guide are based on assumptions and information extracted from beta(s), press events, and livestreams.

The Division Gear Slots and Built-in Attributes

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 6 equipment slots in the game: armor, gloves, holster, knee pads, backpack, and gas mask.

Similar to The Division Weapon Mods, the different pieces of gear also possess certain attributes such as skillpower for backpack, survival for knee pads, protective stats for armor, weapon damage for gloves, HP for gas mask, & CAB for the holster.

The Division Gear Rarities

Just as we see in the case of weapons, gear also has levels & rarities which determine whether a specific piece of equipment can be equipped by a character and the overall quality of a piece – the rarities include:

  • White – no mods
  • Green – no mods
  • Blue – 1 mod slot
  • Purple – 2 mod slots
  • Orange – X mod slots – this is yet to be confirmed

Aside from the basic quality of a piece of equipment, the rarity also determines the amount of gear mod slots as well as attributes. However, unlike weapons, only blue gear or above can have one or more gear mod slots.

In addition to gear mod slots, each piece of equipment also possesses random attributes which include armor, CABs (firearms, stamina, and electronics), and major as well as minor stat boosts.

The said attributes are completely random in the sense that two similar pieces of equipment can possess different attributes with the sole exception of gear mod slots – the slots remain the same. The following section discuss the attributes in detail:

The Division Gear Attributes

Each piece of gear in the Division provides players with certain amount of armor. When combined for all pieces of gear, players get the total of amount of damage mitigation against weapon damage.

For example, if a character has a total of 30% damage mitigation, he or she will only receive 70% of the total incoming damage.

Character Attributes or CABs
Each piece of gear or equipment in the Division boosts one of the CABs which includes Firearm, Stamina, and Electronics. This is another important thing to consider since you do not want to equip an item which does not complement your role.

For example, if a certain piece of gear provides your character with +25 Firearm while you need additional Stamina is pretty much useless.

While this does not come into play in main missions or optional missions, this will indeed mean life and death in endgame.

Stats Boost
As mentioned earlier, each piece of gear or equipment provides your character with minor and major stats boost such as additional XP, increased weapon damage, and more.

While not set in stone and finalized as of now, I have provided some of the minor and major stat boost as seen during the beta(s):

Gas Mask
Armor, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Enemy Armor Damage, Health, Health Boost, Health on Kill, Skill Power, Deaf Resistance, Burn Resistance, Disorient Resistance, Increases Kill XP, and Scavenging.

Character Attribute Buffs, +1 Mod Slot, Armor, and Pistol Damage.

Assault Rifle Damage, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Health on Kill, LMG Damage, Marksman Rifle Damage, Pistol Damage, Shotgun Damage, and SMG Damage.

Backpack Capacity, Armor, Critical Hit Damage, Skill Haste, Skill Power, Ammo Capacity, Bleed Resistance, Burn Resistance, and Disrupt Resistance.

Armor, Exotic Damage Resistance, Health on Kill, Ammo Capacity, and Increased Kill XP.

Knee Pads
Armor, Critical Hit Damage, Damage to Elites, Enemy Armor Damage, Exotic Damage Resilience, Health, Scavenging, Bleed Resistance, Deaf Resistance, Burn Resistance, Disorient Resistance, Disrupt Resistance, Increased Kill XP, Scavenging, and Shock Resistance.

The Division Gear Mods
Gear Mods in the Division cannot only enhance CABs (Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics), but also skills. Gear Mods are acquired from vendors, can be crafted, and found as loot around the world.

While the information is not finalized, some of the Gear Mods in the Division include:

  • Integrated Performance Mod – +1% Disrupt Resistance and +4.50% Seeker Mine Health
  • Improved Electronics Mod – +39 Electronics and Blind or Deaf Resistance
  • Improved Firearms Mod – +35 Firearms and +2% Blind or Deaf Resistance

The Division Grenades

Grenades in the Division cannot only dish out insane amounts of damage, but can also add status ailments such as bleed, burn, and more. The following section contains information on all the grenades in the Division:

  • EMP Grenades – Disables any active enemy skill and prevention of skill from being deployed
  • Flashbang – Impairs the vision and hearing of enemies
  • Fragmentation – Deals pure damage and stops health regeneration for a fixed duration
  • Incendiary – Sets enemies on fire and applies Burn which deals damage over time
  • Shock – Deals damage and paralyzes enemies caught in the blast radius
  • Tear Gas – Reduces vision and accuarcy of enemies

How to Increase Gear Score

Gear Score in the Division can be considered as akin to Light Level in Destiny and essentially determines your power during endgame.

When it comes to increasing Gear Score, it can be done by simply equipping new gear with a higher gear score value. Gear acquired after reaching Level 30 will have a certain gear score value, but there is a little catch.

You should never simply jump and equip new gear just because it possesses a higher gear score since there are Talents and mods to be considered as well. It is a good idea to compare everything and then make the leap.

The Division Gear Sets

Aside from combining individual pieces of gear, there are pre-made gear sets as well. The reason for going with the pre-made gear sets is because of powerful stat bonuses they offer. Some of the gear set and associated bonuses include:

  • Tacticiangs Authority – increases Electronics and Support Attributes
  • Strikergs Battlegear – increases Assault Attributes
  • Sentrygs Call – increases Marksmen Attributes
  • Path of the Nomad – N/A

This is currently all we have on the Division Equipment, Upgrades, Grenades, Consumables guide. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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