The Division Cheaters are Using Aimbots, Wall Hacks, Infinite Ammo, Invincibility

The Division cheaters have managed to attain infinite ammo, invincibility, shooting through walls and aimbots. What is Ubisoft doing?

It looks like The Division cheaters did not need a lot of time to crack open the game and start making it a living hell for those who want to have a good gaming experience in the fallen New York City.

We have picked up multiple reports of users stumbling upon hackers who are using all sorts of cheats to give them undue advantage over the others.

For instance, the video above shows you a guy who is using aimbots as well as what looks like an infinite ammo cheat. He keeps shooting others without having to stop and aim at the same time while not having to worry about the number of bullets left.

There are dozens of reports claiming that hackers have also cooked up ways to shoot through walls, vehicles as well as other objects – which is quite frustrating for the ones at the receiving end since they wouldn’t even know what happened to them.

The Division cheaters are apparently leaving no stone unturned in making this an unsuitable experience for the fans, but we are sure that Ubisoft is going to be looking into the matter. The only problem is, this is the PC version we are talking about and when the hacking community is bent upon making it a flourishing market of cheats, it will only be a game of cats and dogs for them and the developers.

If you have kept a check on our posts relating to Tom Clancy’s The Division, you would remember how we had reported on tons of possible hacks in the game while it was in beta. However, at that time Ubisoft had promised that they were “on it.”

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