The Division 2 Skill Tier System Guide

Learn all about the newly added Skill Tier system in The Division 2 with the release of Warlords of New York and Title Update 8

After a plethora of complaints from the community, the Skill Power system has finally been removed from The Division 2, and a new and much more functional system of Skill Tiers has been introduced. If you’re wondering how The Division 2 Skill Tier system works, read this guide and you will get all the information you need about it.

The Division 2 Skill Tier System

With the release of Warlords of New York expansion, Massive also did a big overhaul of the gear system in The Division 2 which makes many much needed changes to gear stats and loot. Whether you have the expansion or not, this new Gear 2.0 system including Skill Tiers can be utilized by any player.

Before the Skill Tier system was implemented, you had to have a crazy amount of Skill Power on your gear if you were trying to create a skill-based build. Now, it is infinitely easier to create a build like that due to the Skill Tier system.

The Skill Tier has added three core attributes in the game: Electronics, Stamina and Firearms. The gear in the game will now also be more skill-based, and some items will even have any one of the Skill Tiers as a core attribute.

Each skill in the game can level up through six Skill Tiers, and Skill Tier items will roll with an attribute of +1. This means that to create a high-level build, six pieces of equipment with a new core attribute are required.

Each of your skills will have its stats increased depending on what the total Skill Tiers of your equipment is.

With the new GUI, you can also preview what perks you will obtain from your Skill Tiers, allowing you to construct some awesome builds without much brain-storming.

You are also able to now install mods without any restriction, and the GUI will show you how good those mods are. It even allows you to view the Skill Tier of all the players, so you can easily figure out if they are using a heavy build, or a healer build etc.

You can also add Skill Tiers and God rolls to equipment at another time by putting them in the Recalibration Library.

Another feature called ‘Overcharge’ has been introduced to the game. During Overcharge, all of your skills are boosted for a short amount of time. Some specific talents and exotic equipment have the ability to bring your skills to Overcharge. A talent can provide an extra tier to get you to Overcharge, or it can be activated by an exotic when its talent is proc’d.

Lastly, a new SHD unlimited progression system has been implemented, which enables you to acquire Perk Points periodically. This will upgrade your stats and bonuses.