The Division 2 Exotic Components Farming Guide

In our The Division 2 Exotic Components Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about farming easy Exotic Components in TD2.

Exotic Components in The Division 2 are basically materials that are used for crafting. To upgrade Exotics in The Division 2, Exotic Components are used in large quantity. In our Exotic Components Farming Guide, we’ve detailed some methods that you can use to farm some easy Exotic Components in the game.

The Division 2 Exotic Components Farming

To get Exotic Components, you’ll have to find Exotic Weapons which aren’t in your use anymore and deconstruct these weapons. You can replay missions repeatedly to get Exotic Weapons that you can later deconstruct to retrieve Exotic Components.

Arguably, the easiest Exotic Weapon to acquire in the game is either the Nemesis or Chatterbox. You should try to create multiple characters in order to get multiple Chatterbox Exotics that you can disassemble and use to upgrade your favorite exotic.

Sadly, so far this is the only method for acquiring Exotic Components in TD2. If you’re stuck with a low-level Chatterbox and don’t have enough Exotic Components to upgrade it to Gear Score 500, you’re in for a lot of grinding.

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