The Division 2 Campaign And End Game Can Be Played Solo

Mathias Karlson, the game director of The Division 2 has clarified that the in game campaign and the end game content are playable solo.

The Division 2 was announced at E3 2018 by Ubisoft and Massive entertainment. The first look of the game explained how it’s important to play with your teammates due to the new raids but there wasn’t a mention of the game whether it’s playable solo or not.

Since the announcement, everyone has been wondering about whether they’ll be able to play The Division 2 solo or not to which finally the game director, Mathias Karlson, has answered in a recent interview with AusGamers.

Karlson confirmed that the game is playable solo just like the original, from the start to the end game, and you can also play the campaign with two, three or up to four players.

it’s really a core principal for us that there is no right or wrong way to play The Division. You can play through the entire story campaign into end-game and [then the] end-game [content], alone. [But] you can also do the same content [in] two, three, or four player co-op. Or eight player co-op, two full groups in the raid if you opt into the challenge that we’re adding. So it’s very important for us that you get to pick. Personally I’m a co-op player, I think the added synergies and the fact that you’re playing together with other people makes it a richer experience. But many people at the office are, like, ‘that’s cool, I like it in certain activities. But I want to have the bulk of the experience alone when I’m out exploring’. So there’s no right or wrong.

It’s clear that the game is completely playable in solo, four play coop and with up to 8 players in a raid. The Division 2 also features a deep narrative which the solo players will enjoy a lot.

Will you play the game in solo or co-op mode? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Ausgamers

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