The Division 2 Guide – Beginners and Advanced Tips to Help You Get Better

The Division 2 Beginners Guide to help you about some beginners and advanced tricks related to movement, cover, shooting, skills, and end-game.

The Division 2 Beginners Guide to help you with some beginners and advanced tricks related to movement, cover, shooting, skills, and end-game. Start off the game by making an impeccable team. Each player’s skill should complement the whole team.

The Division 2 Guide

If one player is choosing weapons that are to handle a good amount of enemies coming your way than the other player should play as a sniper for long-range shoot outs and another player should choose healing skills in a sense if someone in your team needs that then you can be at service.

Taking care of all these minor things will make a really strong team and you can take a start with your journey.

1. SHD Tech, Perks, and Skills

After finishing off the Prologue Mission, head out for the Base of Operations and stop at the Quartermaster.

You will unlock skills there and you will have only enough points to unlock two skills at first. Unlock your second skill slot and now you have two skills to play with.

You will have a second perk point as well, so when at the start of the game you unlock perks, use them to unlock a secondary weapon slot so you get more options.

2. Loot is Everywhere!

Exploring and searching is a big part of the story as you will be collecting loot by this method way too often. You will be given a minimap that you have to follow around.

It will show you all the locations for the loot from the enemies, backpacks, and chests. You have to follow this map around to pick up all this material.

Other than that, you will have a GPS to follow around but it would be beneficial for your own self if you explore other alleyways and corners as well as you will be finding out a lot of stuff hidden there as well.

3. Control Points

You will be coming across Control Points in Division 2 where you will be fighting off with your enemies in combats. Do not just shoot out right without finding yourself cover first.

A cover will prove out to be a great asset in these combats. Shoot from behind these covers otherwise; you will die in no matter of time. Finishing these enemies in these fights will leave you with a lot of loot.

4. Branded Items

There is something more than armor rating. With all the loot that you will be collecting in the game, there are some items that are “Branded”.

When choosing an outfit, you will have to consider these “Brands Bonuses” as you keep collecting the more pieces from the same brand.

Getting these Gear Pieces from the same brand will unlock Talents. The higher the number of Gear Pieces from the same brand, the more higher the talent you will be unlocking.

5. Skills

Do not forget to use your abilities as often as you can. You have abilities like Drone, Turret, and Seeker Mines. If you remember to use these abilities than it will do catastrophic damage to the players.

As you reach higher levels in the game, you will be able to use these abilities more quickly due to the decrease in their cooling down process.

6. Reviving

Always keep an eye on your and your teammates’ health. If during combats, any ally of you is knocked down, you still have time to get him back.

Your ally will be given a time of 60 seconds. Before this time finishes, you have to reach your ally and revive him.

If you revive him in time, do not go far away from him and leave him on his own as he will be weak and will not have any weapons on him. Stay close to him until he is back and has weapons to protect him.

7. Rogue

Going Rogue in the game is a dangerous option. When you go Rogue, it means now you are open to attacks and now you can kill your enemies and your allies, which are now your enemy too, and so can they.

This happens in the Dark Zone, the players go Rogue to snatch up the things from other players. Stay covered as now you can be killed from anywhere in the game. Kill the person and pick up his loot.

Do not go shooting around without going “Rogue” as it will have no effect on other teammates.