How To Recruit All Characters In The DioField Chronicle

There is always space for a new mind in the team because the person coming in will bring his new set of ideas and sometimes that new perspective can be refreshing and can get you out of a fix so we should always be on the lookout for a new character. To help the cause, The DioField Chronicle features lots of different recruitable characters and this guide will tell you how to recruit each one.

How to recruit all characters in The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicles offers the players a wide range of characters that can be recruited into your squad to make your squad one of the strongest throughout the kingdom.

Each character being special in his own way, bring something exciting and new to the team, and below we have mentioned, how you can unlock and recruit every single character in The DioField Chronicle.

Andrias Rhondarson

Class: Soldier (Dagger)

Of the four heads of the Blue Foxes, Andria is one of them. A proficient and extremely talented fighter who rose to fame after a rich man found him and trained him in all things best.

Andrias Rhondarson can be unlocked after completing the “Recuse Mission” in chapter 1 of the game. Once you complete the battle, Andrias will be unlocked, and you will find out how powerful he is.

Fredret Lester

Class: Cavalier (Lance)

He is also one of the four heads of The Blue Foxes and without a doubt a skilled fighter. Fredret Lester can be unlocked also by completing the “Rescue Mission” in chapter 1 of the main storyline.

Fredret is a passionate man and has a tendency of getting overly obsessed with anything that he puts his mind to. He is sharp, strong, and a very people person.

Izalier Wigan

Class: Soldier (Sword and Shield)

Izalier Wigan is a proud daughter and a highly talented Swordswoman. The skill set she possesses is passed on from her father who is also a very famous Mercenary.

If you want to recruit Izalier, you will have to complete the “Recuse Mission” in Chapter 1 of the main storyline.

Iscarion Colchester

Class: Sharpshooter

Once again, the person under discussion is one of the heads of Blue Foxes – Iscarion who happens to be one of the best archers in the kingdom, but his talent doesn’t get to his head, and he always helps those in need.

Iscarion Colchester can be unlocked by completing the “End the Bandit Menace” quest in chapter 1 of the main storyline.

Waltaquin Redditch

Class: Magicker (Staff)

Talking about the last and the only girl who is among the heads of the Blue Foxes – Waltaquin Redditch is a spoiled, rich, and arrogant daughter of noblemen and belongs to the house Redditch.

If you are looking to unlock her, you will have to complete the “Redditch Estate Recon” quest in chapter 1 of the main storyline. Despite her narcissistic nature, she is well-versed in magic and is also very powerful.

Rickenback Madea

Class: Sharpshooter (Bow)

When it comes to sharpshooters and Archers, Madea is in a class of her own. She is especially known for being excellent support and always has her teammate’s back.

She will join your team when you complete the “Harbinger of Discord” quest at the start of Chapter 2 in the main storyline.

Shivat Malzin

Class: Magicker (Wand)

No team is completing without a healer and if you are looking for a healer that can carry his weight by the use of powerful offensive magic that Shivat is your man.

You can recruit Shivat by completing the “End of Aardwolves” quest in chapter 2 of the main storyline. He is a powerful Magicker and will be a valuable asset to your squad.

Estalt Yewfare

Class: Magicker

When life starts pulling you down, you are the only one who can pull yourself out of that mess and Estalt understood and started learning Magic at an early age despite being an orphan, he becomes quite powerful.

His goal was to become a Mercenary and for that reason, he left the Granbell Holy Church. You will be able to unlock Estalt Yewfare when you complete the “Escort the Priest” in Chapter 3 of the main storyline.

Castevere Bunnow

Class: Cavalier

Catevere Bunnow hails from the Republic of Vherma and is a highly skilled Cavalier and if you are looking to bring him on board to join your squad then you can by completing the “Defend Duke Hende” quest in Chapter 3.

Umarida Bareas

Class: Sharpshooter

Sharpshooters are all about accuracy and without a second Umarida is accurate when it comes to her shots. She is an expert firearms handler and rarely misses when she sets her eyes on a target.

Umarida Bareas can be recruited by completing “The Blue Foxes Laugh” quest in Chapter 3.

Tremina Umbert

Class: Sharpshooter

Sometimes a child that is born into a family is completely different from the rest of the lot. Tremina was born into a rich family but soon she realized that she didn’t belong there as she didn’t align herself with her other brutal family members.

She left and joined The Blue Foxes, and you too can unlock her by completing the “Quell the Riots Again” quest in Chapter 4. She is a sharpshooter and extremely talented.


Class: Soldier

A skilled soldier, who is swift with her sword, and on top of that she can also cast Restorative spells, Catherine is a complete package when it comes to reliable allies.

She can be unlocked after completing the “Rescuing Catherine” quest in Chapter 4 of the main storyline.

Donovar Sullion

Class: Soldier

With all the main characters aside, if you are still looking to expand your squad then Donovar Sullion is an excellent addition. A former knight in the Royal Guard and a strong soldier.

If you want to recruit Donor Sullion, then you will have to complete the “A Shield for the People” sub-quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Zoruaq Wigan

Class: Cavalier

Once a mercenary, always a mercenary. The charm of being a fighter who fights for the coin never loses and once you are known across the kingdom for being a ferocious fighter during the civil war then you are set for life.

Sir Zoruaq Wigan is a skilled Cavalier and can be recruited by completing the “A Warrior Gets His Wings” sub-quest in Chapter 4.

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