COD WW2 Zombies: The Darkest Shore Easter Egg Guide

Did Straub escape?

The stranded island of the Darkest Shore is one of the DLC maps for Call of Duty: WW2 zombies that contains many Easter Eggs to solve to see what became of our heroes.

The old warfront theme of the map holds many secrets and tedious tasks that players must complete to progress through the Easter Egg.

If you’re planning on completing the Easter Egg, this guide will surely do the trick as we’ve covered everything that needs to be done.

How to complete the Darkest Shore easter egg in WW2 Zombies

If you’re planning on doing the Easter Egg solo (Quite Difficult), it is recommended to use the Frontline Specialist and always keep yourself strapped with the M1911 pistol as its Pack-A-Punch, Bacon and Eggs, one-shots zombies.

Step 1 – Turn on the Power

Just like any other zombies map, turning on power is the most crucial step to complete the Easter Egg. There are two switches that players will need to locate on the Darkest Shore.

The first switch is found in the U-Boat Pen that is responsible for opening up the doors and the second one is inside the Artillery bunker where the AA guns are placed.

Activate both of the switches to turn on the power to the whole map and then proceed with the second step which is activating the Pack-A-Punch.

Step 2- Activate the Pack-a-Punch machine

Activating the Pack-A-Punch requires players to do a bit of legwork. Players will be required to take three rides around the mineshaft using the minecart in the spawn area.

In the shaft, players will encounter Bomber zombies that will drop Elektroschnalles which players will need to collect. Each ride around the map provides players with one Elektroschnalle.

To change the route of the ride, simply interact with the lever placed at the entrance of the shaft. We’ve mentioned all three routes below:

  • Bunker 1 (Garben) to Beach (Spawn Area)
  • Beach (Spawn Area) to U-Boat Pens
  • U-Boat Pens to Bunker 1 (Garben)

Once all three Elektroschnalles are collected, all you have to do is head over to Bunker 3 and insert the Elektroschnalles into the lift to watch the PaP machine emerge.

Step 3 – Build and upgrade the Ripsaw

The next step for the Easter Egg is to create the wonder weapon for the Darkest Shore map which is the Ripsaw.

To craft the wonder weapon, players will be required to collect two parts, the Handle and the Blade. The saw handle can be found on the desk opposite the power switch we found earlier in the Artillery bunker with the AA guns.

The second part of the Ripsaw is found in Bunker 3 on a corpse’s body. With both parts with you, all that’s left is to head over to the crafting table next to the Armor Machine placed in the tunnel of Bunker 3 leading to the U-Boat Pens. Simply interact with the table and spend 2500x Jolt points to purchase the Ripsaw.

To upgrade the Ripsaw, players need to perform a heavy attack on a zombie by pressing the ADS button to charge the attack and pressing square. In doing so, players will extract the spine of the zombie. What you need to look out is for a red battery attached to the spine. This may take a couple of tries but eventually, you’ll find the battery.

After acquiring the battery, head on over to the workstation for the Ripsaw and place the battery on it. The next step is to charge the battery by killing zombies near it. Once the battery is charged, spend 500X Jolts to upgrade the wonder weapon in Call of Duty: WW2 zombies.

Step 4 – Acquire the Head

Once all of the buildables have been crafted, it’s time to look for the head of a corpse.  Right next to the PaP machine, there is a corpse hanging above the cliff, what players need to do is use the upgraded Ripsaw and aim at its head. Shoot the head for it to slice off completely and pick it up.

Take the head over to the Corpse Gate and place it on the beheaded corpse. This will begin a sequence where the floor panels will start to erupt fire.

What you need to do is survive and turn all of the three valves to shut down the fire. This process will be repeated thrice until the Corpse Gate opens and you hear an audio from Dr. Straub as well as spawn a Brenner.

A set of attack aircrafts will spawn which you need to take down. So, head over to the Artillery Bunker and use the AA guns to shoot down the aircrafts. It’ll take quite a few aircrafts to destroy until the game recognizes you took down one.

The next step is to head back to the Corpse Gate and interact with the terminal on the right side. What this will do is spawn an artillery carrier zombie which you’ll need to escort to the Artillery Bunker. Once the friendly zombie reaches the bunker, he’ll put down a part that charges the Artillery Barrage that you’ll need to charge by killing zombies around it.

Once the part is successfully charged, it is now time to search for the Radio parts.

Step 5 – Craft the Radio

To craft the radio, players must first head over to the corpse hanging from the cliff above Schildblitz. Shoot the part by using the Ripsaw to drop it to the ground. Simply collect the part and head over to the Laufenblitz. There will be another corpse on the ground that’ll be holding the last part for the radio.

Once both parts are collected, head back to the desk placed outside of the Artillery Bunker and craft the radio. Interact with the radio to spawn the Destroyer ships on the shore. Now from here simply kill zombies to charge the Artillery Barrage and use the valves inside the bunker to aim at the ships.

A total of three ships will be near the shore. Destroy all three to move on to the next step.


Keep on moving inside the bunker as the Destroyer will send huge cannons your way which could kill you.

Step 6 – Acquire the Monk Head

Players will be required to use the Minecart from the spawn area. Simply call the minecart and travel on it. About 10 seconds into the ride from the spawn area, look to your right to find a hole that can be blasted through with the help of a Bomber zombie.

Simply shoot a Bomber zombie near the hole to create an entrance and press square near the hole to enter a secret cave. In the cave, you’ll find the Monk head placed on the western wall. Simply interact with it and use the hole in the cave to exit it and spawn at the Red Sea shore.

Take the head back to the Corpse Gate in the Darkest Shore and place it on the terminal on the right-hand side to progress further with the Easter Egg.


Acquiring the Monk Head will award players with the ”This Damn Island” Trophy/Achievement.

Step 7 – Find the three sons of Nerthus

As soon as you place the Monk’s head on the terminal, the head will start speaking to you and ask you to find the three sons of Nerthus. The three sons of Nerthus are three idols hidden on the Darkest Shore map which you need to find.

The first son is hidden inside the huge boulder outside of the Artillery Bunker. Simply shoot the boulder with the AA gun to break it. Travel to the shore (spawn) to collect the idol. Once the idol is with you, use the cave you found earlier in step 6 and place it in the hole in the wall.

The second son of Nerthus is hidden behind any of the eight red rocks placed around the map. These rocks are usually placed above cliffs or stuck to the wall but are easily spotted. Due to their distinct red color. Shoot them with the Ripsaw to retrieve the second idol and place it in the hole of the cave.

For the last Nerthus son, players will need to retrieve a red-charged spine from a zombie using the Ripsaw. This will take a few tries but once you acquire it, take it to the Monk and place it in his bucket to spawn a friendly zombie. Simply protect the zombie and escort it to the shore where he’ll swim and get the last idol.


A timer will appear on your HUD that’ll tell you how long the charged spine will last. Deliver the spine to the Monk before the timer runs out.

Take the idol back to the cave and you’ll have unlocked the secret Ritual room in the cave.

Step 8 – Begin the Sacrifices

In this step, players will be required to make multiple sacrifices of different variations of zombies to acquire the Pommel of Barbarossa. A total of three sacrifices are needed to be made on a Pest zombie, Meuchler zombie, and Wustling.

Sacrifice 1 – Pest Zombies
To begin with the sacrifice, players first need to play a pest round and extract a spine from the Pest zombie. Once the spine is with you place it in the bucket next to the Monk’s head that’ll spawn a friendly pest.

Simply follow the pest zombie until it stops where you’ll be required to use the Ripsaw and ricochet a saw blade from the same colored fuse box to the pest charging it up.  


Many fuse boxes will be closed. You’ll need to throw a frag or a sticky grenade to open them up.

There will be many instances where players will be required to ricochet the saw blade through multiple fuse boxes. The idea is to ensure that the fuse and the Pest have the same color. Another important thing that you need to know is that other enemies will hit your Friendly Pest.

  • The First Reflection Needs to be From the Teal Fuses Near the Submarines
  • The Second Reflection Needs to be From the Yellow Fuses (Yellow to Purple to Pest) Near the Corpse Gate
  • The Third Reflection Needs to From the Teal Fuses (Teal to Yellow to Pest) between Bunker #3 and Bluffs
  • The Final Reflection Needs to be Near the Artillery Bunker (Yellow to Purple to Pest) above the M1941 Wallbuy

Once the Pest disappears, head over to the secret ritual room and kill the friendly pest (the friendly pest will have a glow). Once the pest is killed, pick up his head and place it on the hook in the room.

Sacrifice 2 – Meuchler
For the second sacrifice, repeat the steps for the first sacrifice with a Meuchler spine. After the friendly Meuchler spawns, a dense fog will appear on the map in which you’ll have to locate the Meuchler.

What you need to do is listen for shrieks from the friendly zombie and locate him. Once located melee him to make him move. Repeat this process thrice until the fog clears.

Travel to the ritual room using the minecart and kill the friendly Meuchler. Take his head and place it on the hook to complete the second sacrifice for the Darkest Shore Easter Egg.

Sacrifice 3 – Wustling
The last zombie you’ll need to sacrifice is the Wustling. Take his spine to the Monk to spawn a friendly Wustling. What you need to do is feed the friendly zombie with four different perks around the map in the order mentioned below.

  1. Kugelblitz (double Tap)
  2. Faustblitz (Melee)
  3. Laufenblitz (Stamin-up)
  4. Lebenblitz (quick revive)

If for some reason your friendly Wustling gets distracted and goes to some other perks, shoot him to avoid those perks.

If you’re successful in feeding the friendly Wustling with these four perks, he’ll squeeze through the small opening in the cave and appear in the ritual room. Head inside the ritual room and sacrifice the Wustling. Pick up his head and place it on the hook to complete all three sacrifices.


Taking out the spine of all three sacrifice zombies will award you with the “Always on Spine” Trophy/Achievement”.

Step 9 – Hang the Monk’s Head

Now return to the Corpse gate and pick up the Monk’s head. You need to take it back to the ritual room and hang the head on the hook to begin a final ritual.

A lot of zombies will start to spawn so be ready for a fight. Once the wave is completed, the Pommel of Barbarossa will appear in the hand of the Nerthus statue in the ritual Room.

The Pommel of Barbarossa is a lethal that stuns zombies for a few seconds helping you get out of sticky situations. It also replenishes itself every 15 seconds.


Acquiring the Pommel of Barbarossa will award you with the, “Black Winds to Darker lands” Trophy/Achievement.

Step 10 – Signal the Radio

Now that you’ve acquired the Pommel of Barbarossa, it is time to gear up for the final step of the Easter Egg which is the boss battle for the Darkest Shore map in WW2 zombies.

Try to Pack-a-Punch an LMG and keep the M1911 Pistol on deck as it helps to deal damage against the boss. Once you’re geared up throw a Pommel at the radio to signal the boss and begin the fight.

Step 11 – Defeat the final boss

The boss fight is quite straightforward, there is no one boss but your battle will be against super Muechlers and regular zombies. There are four phases where the fight will take place and each phase becomes accessible when the minecart is available for use. The four phases are:

  • Beach
  • U-Boat Pens
  • Bunker 3
  • Beach

Once you’re dealt with all four phases of the boss battle, a cut scene will trigger marking the completion of the Darkest Shore Easter Egg and unlocks the, “Making History” Trophy/Achievement in Call of Duty: WW2 zombies.

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