The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons Spawn Locations

Having the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier will increase your chances of survival against both the rampaging creatures and invading enemy players.

Following its closed beta, The Cycle: Frontier has added new weapons spawns on the Bright Sands map. You can make your way to these locations to find weapons on the ground or sometimes, inside buildings and structures.

It is important for you to know where these weapons spawns are located on the map. If you are nearby and in need of weapons, you will be able to make a beeline to the closest weapon spawn to arm yourself.

The following guide will show you the best weapons spawn locations in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons Spawn Guide

Location #1: Vaccine Labs

The first weapons spawn location can be found by going to the Vaccine Labs just below the Eastern Caverns. There are actually two weapons spawns here.

For the first one, head to the bottom floor where you will find a weapon spawned on a bed. For the second one, head to the top floor to find a white case with a weapon on the balcony.

Location #2: The Road Between Dig Site And Power Plant

Next up is the road between the Dig Site and the Power Plant that runs alongside the river. You just have to follow the river to come across a white weapon case.

Location #3: Comms Tower

The third weapons spawn location is just above the Comms Tower. Make your way to the Comms Tower and then head north to find a yellow camping area.

There will be a white weapons case here but be quick about it. There is a possibility that you will encounter enemies in the camp. Hence, grab the weapons and get out unless you are feeling the need of killing something.

Location #4: Crashed Ship Area

Make your way to the Crashed Ship north of the Comms Tower. There will be a white weapons case here in the middle of the room, right on top of alien foliage. The good thing about this weapons spawn location is that it has higher-quality weapons for you to grab.

Location #5: Jungle Camp Area

For the fifth weapons spawn location, head west of the Crashed Ship to enter the Jungle Camp. You will need to climb the tallest building here. On top of that building will be a white weapons crate next to a chair. There is a good chance of finding a Manticore weapon from this weapon spawn location.

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