The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons (Weapon Tier List)

The Cycle: Frontier is all about scavenging and fighting in a PvPvE environment. This means you need to have top-of-the-line weapons to survive in the harsh landscape. That is where our tier list for some of the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier comes in.

To help you out with picking out the best weapons for you to use in The Cycle: Frontier, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you the best weapons in The Cycle Frontier and we’ll explain to you what actually makes these weapons so powerful.

The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons

Below, we have ranked down the 5 best guns in The Cycle Frontier. The most important factors involved in deciding the placement of each weapon are the price-to-performance ratio, process of obtaining, PvP performance and PvE performance.

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  1. Voltaic Brute SMG
  2. C-36 Bolt Action Rifle
  3. ICA Guarantee LMG
  4. KM-9 Scrapper SMG
  5. ASP Flechette Gun
  6. Kinetic Arbiter DMG
  7. AR 55 Autorifle
  8. Hammer Revolver
  9. KBR Longshot

1 – Voltaic Brute SMG

The Voltaic Brute SMG is currently the most busted gun in The Cycle Frontier. Despite being an SMG, it has practically no damage fall-off, so you can put a scope on it and mow down people from far away like you’re using an automatic LMG.

It also has an insane fire rate and accuracy, so you don’t even need to try and aim at people’s heads. You just need to aim in their general direction and hold the fire button down; the gun will do the rest for you.

This means that you don’t even need to spend time perfecting mechanics to be insane with the Voltaic Brute SMG. Just equip the gun and start mowing people down!

The craziest thing about this weapon is how easy it is to obtain. It is the cheapest high-penetration exotic weapon in the game, so you don’t even need to grind too much to obtain it.

2 – C-36 Bolt Action Rifle

The C-36 Bolt Action Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game for PvP, guaranteeing a one-shot headshot kill against low-armor enemies.

This snipe rifle has insanely high base damage per shot. This means that you won’t need to carry boatloads of ammo with you every time you drop into a raid. This makes the C-36 Bolt Action Rifle highly efficient and cheap to use.

If you’re up against an enemy with weak armor, this gun will melt them faster than you can blink. And even if they have high-level armor, you’ll be able to kill them with just 2 shots to the head.

The only downside to the C-36 Bolt Action Rifle is the fact that it is a sniper rifle, so some players may find it difficult to use. To use a gun like this, you need to have great aim, fast reactions and a proper understanding of how to position yourself against enemies.

If you meet the above criteria, the C-36 Bolt Action Rifle should be your go-to weapon.

3 – ICA Guarantee LMG

Staying true to its name, the ICA Guarantee LMG will guarantee you frags in the battlefield. It is a heavy machine gun that has high damage, fire rate, armor penetration and mag capacity, but low accuracy.

This gun has the highest rate of fire of any assault rifle in the game. If used properly in close-mid range combat, the ICA Guarantee can be used to absolutely tear through any enemy without even giving them a chance to breathe.

It works wonderfully in both PvP and PvE. The only issue with the gun is its sound. Since it is a heavy machine gun, it is super loud. This can work against you if you’re trying to be sneaky.

4 – KM-9 Scrapper SMG

The KM-9 Scrapper SMG has to be one of the most fun weapons in the game. As its name suggests, you need to get up close and personal with the enemy and brawl with them when using this gun.

Despite having a very high fire rate, the recoil of the Scrapper is quite easy to control as compared to some of the other SMGs in The Cycle Frontier.

The Scrapper is also one of the cheapest weapons on this list, so it has an amazing price-to-performance ratio. If you put stocks and damage modifiers on this weapon, it has the potential to reach the same level as the Voltaic Brute.

5 – ASP Flechette Gun

The ASP Flechette is like the younger brother of the Voltaic Brute SMG. It has probably the best price-to-performance ratio out of all of the guns in The Cycle Frontier.

It is an incredibly accurate SMG with an amazing rate of fire. It does have quite a bit of recoil, but you can learn to control it by doing burst fires instead of just spraying and praying.

There’s really no big downside to the ASP Flechette Gun. And with how easy it is to obtain, it’s actually somewhat overpowered.

6 – Kinetic Arbiter DMG

The Kinetic Arbiter is an absolute beast of a gun. It is an excellent long-range weapon that obliterates anyone who has low-level armor. It has amazing accuracy, armor penetration and great damage; making it a very well-balanced sniper rifle.

The only downside of the Kinetic Arbiter is the tracer. It has a very noticeable tracer, so the enemies will be able to easily figure out your position if you’re spamming away with this weapon.

This means that you’ll need to be very careful when using this weapon. Position yourself proper and take well-timed shots to use the weapon to its highest potential.

7 – AR 55 Autorifle

If you’re a fan of conventional Automatic Rifles, the AR 55 Autorifle is the gun you should pick in The Cycle Frontier.

The AR 55 Autorifle has an insane fire rate and great damage and penetration. It is an extremely well-balanced gun that performs well in all scenarios. You’ll always be able to put up a good fight whether you’re fighting at close, medium or long-range.

Because of the AR 55’s crazy rate of fire, you’ll aim-punch your targets to oblivion when you shoot them. Who needs absurd damage or penetration when you can just aim-punch people out of control; taking away their chance to even shoot back.

8 – Hammer Revolver

The Hammer Revolver is easily the most underrated weapon in The Cycle Frontier. Despite being a small revolver, this weapon can two-shot people.
The best thing about the Hammer Revolver is that it has an option for a silencer. If you put a silencer on the Hammer, you’ll be able to shoot people without them being able to figure out where they’re getting shot from.

The only issue the Hammer has is that it has no option for a scope. This means that if you want to use it from a long–range, you’ll need to have perfect aim. Other than that, the Hammer Revolver is an excellent weapon to use in mid and close-range battles, both in PvE and PvP.

9 – KBR Longshot

The KBR Longshot is basically the long-range version of the Hammer. It has similar damage and penetration stats, but with this gun, you can attach a scope and shoot people accurately from far away.

It does not perform as well as the Hammer in close range, but you can still hold your own with it if your aim and reflexes are quick enough. And if you’re in a mid-long range fight, you’ll be able to shred through all of your targets.