The Cycle: Frontier The Test Run Quest Guide

There are a lot of exciting and challenging quests in The Cycle: Frontier. The Test Run Quests is one of those quests which is given to you by Vadim Tanayev who happens to be the head of Operations for Korolev on Fortuna III. The Test Run Quest in The Cycle: Frontier is a very small quest. Our The Cycle: Frontier guide has all the details which will help you complete The Test Run quest with ease.

The Cycle: Frontier The Test Run Quest

The Test Run quest, as mentioned above is a very small quest in The Cycle: Frontier. This quest, unlike some other quests in The Cycle: Frontier consists of only a single part with one objective.

There are basically two objectives to complete in The Test Run quest in The Cycle. The first is to find a Letium gas vent and the second is to Deliver 10 Flaked Letium. It may sound a bit complicated by the looks of it but it isn’t.

You can easily collect Flaked Letium from the Letium gas vent you find so the quest doesn’t really ask you to travel a lot. However, to actually harvest a Letium gas vent, you will need Laser Drill Beacon.

After the gas vents have been activated, a Big Drill Ship will land on top of them. You will need to enter the ship after landing, head to the top floor, then start using the control console for the mining process. Gather the farmed materials from the bins after drilling is complete.

The location of the Letium Gas vents is marked on the map below:

The Cycle Frontier letium gas vent

Simply get inside the machine and activate the laser drill once it has been called down. After the drilling is complete, loot the bins inside the drill to pick up the Flaked Letium and deliver it.


You will receive the following rewards after completing the quest:

  • 3600 FP
  • x214 Korolev Scrip
  • x24000 Krypto Marks

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