How To Manage Stamina In The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier has a stamina system that plays an important role in your survival, especially during skirmishes and enemy encounters. The following guide will show you how to correctly use your stamina and progress further in The Cycle: Frontier.

You will need to quickly learn how to manage your stamina bar because, unlike other first-person shooters, your stamina will have a limit. Continued usage will deplete your stamina bar, leaving you vulnerable in the open.

How To Manage Stamina In The Cycle: Frontier

The amount of stamina you have remaining is indicated via a stamina bar in the game. Certain actions can cause your stamina to decrease, while others increase it.

Managing your stamina is very important. You need stamina to sprint to either quickly escape enemies or quickly get behind cover. Mobs in the game are very fast, and you’ll greatly require stamina to sprint away. On the other hand, you need the stamina to jump and sprint away from another player’s line of fire.

There are a couple of ways you can manage your stamina in The Cycle: Frontier.

First off, avoid carrying heavy stuff. Making your character carry heavy stuff will cause your stamina to deplete faster. Your movement speed will also be hindered. Therefore, it is recommended to carry one heavy weapon and one light weapon rather than two heavy weapons. You can also buy and craft certain types of armor that offer stamina boosts.

Running will cause your stamina to deplete gradually. Jumping plays an even heavier part in depleting your stamina. It causes your stamina to deplete about 10% each time.

Crouching will cause your stamina regeneration to increase greatly. You can manage your speed by sprinting a bit until you reach some sort of cover (leaving just enough for emergency cases) and then crouching to regenerate it.

Your movement speed is also affected by the type of weapon you are holding in your hand. Heavier weapons cause your movement speed to decrease and vice versa. The knife is the lightest weapon in the game. You can greatly increase your movement speed without spending much stamina while holding a knife.

In case of emergencies, when you have to make a quick getaway, just equip the knife in your hand and let it work its magic.

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