The Cycle: Frontier Shard Slicer Location

Shard Slicer is a very useful item to have in The Cycle Frontier. Shard Slicer helps you print different items in the game. Now that we know the importance of this rare item in The Cycle Frontier, you might wonder about the location of this rare item in the game. This guide has all the details related to Shard Slicer which will help you find this item with ease.

The Cycle: Frontier Shard Slicer Locations

Shard Slicer, mainly used for upgrading Personal Quarters, is usually found in those areas where there is more danger. So you need to be fully focused while looking for Shard Slicer in both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

Shard Slicer has a chance to spawn within Coolers and Civilian Lockers. Coolers have a spawn rate of 8-11% for shard slicers while Civilian Lockers have a spawn rate of 2-4% for shard slicers.

Bright Sands Shard Slicer Locations

You can find the Shard Slicer in the Jungle Camp.  Head to Jungle camp and when you reach, look for a building whose foundation is made of a few metallic pillars. Below all these metallic pillars, you will find Shard Slicer in Abundance.

Also, you can find some Shard Slicer inside the building as well. When you enter this building, you can easily find Shard Slicer inside drawers and lockers of the first room on the left side.

You can also find Shard Slicer in Comms Tower and Waterfall Labs. Just head to the two buildings that surround the comms tower.

Crescent Falls Shard Slicer Locations

Shard Slicer is found in abundance in Crescent falls. Shard Slicer is spread throughout Crescent Falls. Below we have marked all the locations in which Shard Slicer is found.

Crescent Falls Shard Slicer Locations

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