The Cycle: Frontier Orbital Repairs Quest Guide

You can pick up the “Orbital Repairs” quest by speaking with Emmanuel Sullivan, the Osiris faction’s CEO and lead researcher. He will assign you a dead drop and killing assignments.

In addition to the K-Marks and the faction points, you will get the Basilisk rifle as a reward for completing all four parts of the questline.

The Cycle: Frontier Orbital Repairs Quest

Orbital Repairs Quest Part 1

The quest starts with the task of stashing 2x Gyroscope at Pinnacle Labs. This is a dead drop quest, so make sure you are ready for a raid. You can find Gyroscopes inside Cabinets.

Once you are done stashing Gyroscopes, you must hunt down 25x Creatures at Pinnacle Labs. The Pinnacle Labs Dead Drop can be found on the edge of the map.


  • 2,300x FP
  • 117x Osiris Scrip
  • 20,000x Krypto Marks

Orbital Repairs Quest Part 2

This is a fairly simple part and all you need to do in this is to kill 6x Prospectors using an Osiris weapon. You can use any Osiris weapons such as a Scarab, a Basilisk, a Phasic Lancer, etc.


  • 2,800x FP
  • 158x Osiris Scrip
  • 18,000x Krypto Marks

Orbital Repairs Quest Part 3

In this part of the guide, you need to do some real work. You first of all need to deliver 10x Hardened Bone Plates which can be obtained from killing Marauders. They are found both in the Bright Sands and the Crescent Falls. Killing Marauders can be a real task if you don’t bring the high stopping power with you.

The next thing that you need to deliver is 10x Smart Mesh. This is a rare spawn and is often found in highly dangerous zones. You can find it in the Starport Warehouse on Crescent Falls. In Bright Sands, you can find them in the Jungle and the Crashed Ship. Besides these locations, it can also be found in Industrial Crates and Dumpsters.

Next, you need to deliver 20x Salvaged Insulations. These can be found in Science Campus and Southwest Collection Point including as a static spawn in other industrial areas.


  • 2,800x FP
  • 158x Osiris Scrip
  • 22,000x Krypto Marks

Orbital Repairs Quest Part 4

In this part of the quest, you need to deliver 3x Crusher Hides that are dropped by Crushers and Alpha Crushers after killing them. The biggest mobs found on Crescent Falls are the Crushers and these Crushers can be found inside Starport Warehouse, north of Starport Warehouse, and on the road lying in between Starport Warehouse and Pinnacle Labs.

To eliminate them, first, shoot them on the knee and then target the red spots on their back.


  • 3,600x FP
  • 214x Osiris Scrip
  • 24,000x Krypto Marks

Orbital Repairs Quest Rewards

Completing all the parts of the quest will reward you with Basilisk. It’s a powerful rifle with a high rate of fire at the cost of a high amount of ammo. It does 34 base damage with a 28 base penetration value and a 1.6 crit multiplier.

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