How To Farm Marauders In The Cycle: Frontier

Marauders are large, intimidating creatures that are scattered across the map in The Cycle: Frontier. They come in two types: one that is blue in color and another that is green.

The blue marauders are the more common ones and are relatively easier to kill. They drop good loot upon being killed, mostly crafting materials, such as those which are required to upgrade your armor. The green marauders are more alert and quick to take on.

Along with the good drops, many factions also offer quests to hunt Marauders. You will hence be farming them to earn faction points to level up factions in the game.

The following guide will help you know all about marauders in The Cycle: Frontier.

How To Farm Marauders In The Cycle: Frontier

The first step to farming Marauders is to come prepared. Make sure to bring lots of ammo, along with grenades, and good armor. You can also go ahead and put an ammo converter on your weapon to improve its damage, but any attachment that improves a weapon’s damage will do just fine.

A good weapon to choose is the Flechette Assault Rifle. Having a high rate of fire and good damage, this weapon helps you bring hell to these mobs. Using this weapon, you can also shoot these mobs in their mouth to stun them, but not with most other weapons.

You can also use smoke and stun grenades to confuse the Marauders. Just make sure that they don’t see you or else they’ll come after you.

The second step to winning any battle is to use your environment to your advantage. While hunting Marauders, it’s often more beneficial to fight from the higher ground. Fighting on any elevated surface, whether it be a higher or lower ground, the Marauders will find it difficult to move around freely. You can also use the cover of rocks when you are low on stamina, as these mobs are also very fast.

It is also helpful to know the locations in which the Marauders are easier to farm. Locations like the Dig Site and the Comms Tower often prove beneficial to farm these Marauders as they do not attract any PvP or PvE groups.

It might also help to know how the Marauders fight. Knowing and understating their attacks and ways of fighting can prove useful. It is not very hard to understand their fighting style though, and you can get used to it quickly.

The Marauders have two types of attacks, one for close range and the other for long-range. For long range, Marauders have a spit attack. Yes, you read it right, these mobs literally spit at you, and it can actually cause quite a bit of damage honestly.

Their spit is toxic and it will harm you if it contacts you in any way, be it directly on you or on the ground (yes, you can get hurt by it even if you step on it while it’s on the ground). Their spit can also eat away your armor to some extent so it’s better to not take any chances and be careful.

But, there’s not much to worry about though, you can actually see this attack coming from a mile away. The Marauders have to prepare a bit before they spit at you, and while doing so their mouth would glow orange. Their mouth glowing orange is your cue to attack, you’ll have a few seconds to get a few hits off of ‘em while they do so, but then also make sure to step away in time so you don’t get covered in their spit.

For close-range, these guys have a quicker attack. They can sort of lung forward quickly and attack you. They often like to do two consecutive lunges though, and you’ll need to keep that in mind so you don’t keep taking hits. It’s best to fight them on an elevated surface to avoid taking hits from them this way since they find it difficult to move on slopes.

These tips should be enough to help you in your quest to find Marauders.

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