The Cycle: Frontier Matchmaking Error Fix

The Cycle: Frontier has still a few lingering technical issues following its full launch. There are several errors that players have been reporting in the past few days, many of which have been acknowledged by developer Yager to receive a fix in upcoming patches.

If you have been glued to your chair since The Cycle: Frontier was released, chances are that you faced a matchmaking error during one of your matches. Thankfully, there is a workaround available that will enable you to continue playing without having to wait for the error message to subside.

The following guide will help provide a fix for the matchmaking error in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Matchmaking Error Fix

The matchmaking error pops up when you are queuing up for a match. It kicks you out of the matchmaking queue and sends you back to the lobby.

The first probable solution to the problem is to try to connect to another server. There is a possibility that the server you are trying to join is facing issues.

If that fails to work, try restarting the game and click on “Deploy” a few times until you finally connect to the server. This may sound futile but players have been able to jump into the same server after facing the matchmaking error a few times. It probably has to do with the server itself.

Furthermore, you can also try playing on a different map. Some players have been able to fix their matchmaking errors by simply playing a new map for a while before jumping back into their original server. There is a little cautionary tale to this solution though. You may be pressed to play on a more difficult map with high-level enemies that are much more stronger and well-equipped than you.

Finally, if all of the aforementioned solutions fail to work, the matchmaking error might be related to a widescale server outage. You will have no option other than to wait for the servers to either end their maintenance period or whatever ails them to come back online.

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