The Cycle: Frontier Loadouts Guide

The right loadout makes a big difference when you are out killing Marauders and enemy players in The Cycle: Frontier. It always pays to come prepared but with the wide variety of arsenal available in the game, trying to build a loadout can be confusing.

Before beginning, take note that a good loadout required you to upgrade your Osiris Faction to level 5. This provides you with better opportunities to create a good loadout as it allows you to purchase decent items.

With that out of the way, the following are the best loadouts in The Cycle: Frontier according to your needs.

The Cycle: Frontier Early Game Loadouts

Regardless of the Loadouts, healing items should always be used, because you probably will take damage one way or the other while raiding.


This loadout revolves around the Manticore assault rifle as your main gun.

The Manticore is a great weapon to use at the early levels. It offers a great variety of combat benefits as it deals decent damage at medium and close range in both PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) situations.

You also need to make sure that you grab enough ammo before starting the raid if you want it to go smoothly.

For its attachments, you can pick the common ones but it’s better to use any attachments that provide better recoil control (Foregrips) and quicker ADS (Aiming-Down-Sight) time along with reloading time (Light Quickdraw).

You can also go ahead and put a 2x scope on it in case you’re finding it hard to use the iron sights. It is also necessary to put a tactical light on it because you’ll have to navigate through some of the areas on the map that can be very dark.

Buying a few Weak Stims or Weak Medkits can also pay off in case you get hit multiple times during a raid.

For the armor for the Manticore Loadout, we’ll be using the uncommon/green ones:

  • Helmet (Uncommon)
  • Shield (Uncommon)
  • Backpack (Uncommon)

You can buy these armor set items from the Osiris Market, or, alternatively, you can craft them. The materials required to craft these uncommon items can be found easily on the Bright Sands map. This is fairly good for you since you’re at the early stages of the game, you’ll mostly be playing on this map because it’s the easier one.

This Loadout can be used throughout most of the early stages of the game. If you’re feeling like you’re getting better at the game and are planning to expand and play on harder maps, then you’re going to need better loadouts as you’ll also encounter better players.

Beginner Loadouts

K-28 Pistol

Since you’re still a beginner at the game and looking for beginner loadouts, this one could prove a lot useful at first.

For this loadout, you only need the K-28 pistol, which will serve as your main weapon, some light ammo, and a few (3 of them should work fine, but you can get more depending on your playstyle) Weak Stims.

As for the armor, the items that should work best with this loadout are:

  • Helmet (Common)
  • Shield (Common)
  • Backpack (Uncommon)

You shouldn’t need anything more with this loadout, including attachments. The main purpose of this loadout is to get a better understanding of the game, specifically, its mechanics.

Since you’re still a beginner, you need to get better at basic shooting, aiming, sensitivity management, and recoil to fully step up to the mark. If you do not understand the mechanics and go all out, you’ll get killed pretty easily and lose all of your items.

If you manage to kill another player, then you can take their primary weapon and take it back with you, if you survive of course! This way you can save yourself the money to buy a better weapon.

Also, make sure to insure your items, this loadout only costs about 500 K-Marks (in-game currency). Since the overall loadout costs about 1000 K-Marks, you’ll still be in a profit in case you die and get them back.

C-32 Bolt Action + K-28

This loadout is mostly fashioned for beginners that want a bit long-range, high-damage gameplay experience.

The C-32 Bolt Action sniper rifle is the perfect weapon for long-range and will serve as your main weapon for this loadout. It requires heavy ammo though, so if your aim isn’t that good, you’ll probably need a couple more.

If you manage to run out of ammo or empty your magazine and an enemy is pressing up against you, then that’s what the K-28 Pistol is for.

The K-28 will serve as your backup gun. Quickly pull out your K-28 pistol and try to finish off your opponent if that happens. You can also substitute the K-28 Pistol for the KM-9 Scrapper or the Scarab.

As for the attachments, the most important one is the scope. The C-32 Bolt Action comes with a standard 8x scope. This scope might provide a high zoom effect, but also shortens your field of view.

Putting a 2x or a 4x scope on it provides you with a better field of view without taking down much zoom effect. Aside from the scope, you can use any attachments you feel best.

You should also bring along a few meds, specifically the Weak Stims.

Furthermore, we’ll be using the following Armor set items for this loadout:

  • Helmet (Common)
  • Shield (Common)
  • Backpack (Uncommon)

Best Cheap Loadouts


If you’re low on budget, it’s time to look for a cheap but effective loadout. In this loadout, the Scarab will serve as your primary weapon.

The Scarab is the perfect weapon for medium and close-range combat. It’s a semi-auto pistol, firing a burst shot of 3 rounds each time. It deals decent damage and also has high penetration, allowing you to defeat enemy players that wear Epic Armor.

As for the attachments, it’s better to go for the common ones, mainly those that reduce recoil, ADS time, and reload time. The small muzzle breaker can also be used to greatly increase the damage dealt with this weapon.

Furthermore, for the armor set items, you can go either for the uncommon ones or the common ones depending on your budget.

KM-9 ‘Scrapper’

This loadout is more expensive than the previous one but also packs a stronger punch in turn.

You’ll use the KM-9 ‘Scrapper’ as your main weapon. It’s got a magazine capacity of 14 rounds, but it’s a full automatic Submachine Gun (SMG). It deals huge damage on short and medium ranges, but also has a recoil that’s difficult to control, but we’ll also cover that with the attachments.

For the attachments, it’s better to go for the Common ones, mainly those that reduce recoil, ADS time, and reload time. The small muzzle breaker can also be used to greatly increase the damage dealt by this weapon, just like the previous loadout.

Also like the previous loadout, for the Armor set items, you can go either for the Uncommon ones or the Common ones depending on your budget.

The Cycle: Frontier Best Loadouts

ICA Guarantee + Scarab

This is one of the best loadouts we could come up with for The Cycle: Frontier. Proving useful in both long and short ranges, this loadout is an all-rounder.

The ICA Guarantee is an extraordinary weapon for dealing high damage at long and short ranges, with an amazing magazine capacity of 40 rounds. Just make sure to bring lots of ammo because this beast is very ammo hungry and has a pretty decent rate of fire.

Its recoil is also pretty controllable which makes it one of the best weapons in the game. Iron sights work just fine with this weapon, so an additional scope isn’t a priority, but it’s totally up to you. You can pick any sight you want that you can use best.

The Scarab here serves as a backup weapon. In case you empty out your ICA Guarantee, you’ll be able to pull out the Scarab to keep fighting because the ICA Guarantee can take a lot of time to reload.

For the armor here, we are going to use a mixture of uncommon and rare:

  • Helmet
  • Tactical Shield
  • Backpack

As for the attachments, the best attachments to use are the ones that allow you to control recoil better, provide shorter ADS time, and also a shorter reload time, or the ones that increase your damage, like the Muzzle Breaker. It’s better to go for the Uncommon or Rare ones.

You should also use the Uncommon or Rare Armor set items and Backpack.

Phasic Lancer + Km-9 ‘Scrapper’

For this loadout, we’ll be using the Phasic Lancer as our main/primary weapon. The phasic lancer is a Semi-Auto Assault Rifle, firing a burst shot of 3 rounds that deal a huge load of damage at both medium and long-range.

The KM-9 ‘Scrapper’ would be used as a secondary weapon mainly for close quarter combat and a good substitute for the burst fire mode as it’s fully automatic.

Further improving Recoil and the Damage dealt by the Phasic Lancer isn’t a priority, but it’s totally up to you. It’s better to go for the attachments that reduce ADS time and reload time instead. As for their rarity, you should go for the Uncommon ones.

The Armor sets and backpacks should also be of the Uncommon rarity, but you can use higher ones also depending on your level and budget. Do not, however, that the Tactical Shield is better than both the other ones, so you should use that one.

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