The Cycle: Frontier Bright Sands Puzzles

Not all the supplies are found in the open, some require work to be put in and are hidden behind locked doors that you need to unlock by completing not-so-complicated puzzles. This guide will help you complete all the puzzles on the  Bright Sands map in The Cycle: Frontier to unlock facility supply rooms.

The Cycle: Frontier Bright Sands Puzzles

We have currently found three Puzzles on the Bright Sands map. All of these require you to place batteries in a generator so you can open the door to the supply rooms. There are always three batteries that are spread across the same site.

Let us look at all the puzzles in Bright Sands.

Water Facility Generator Puzzle

water facility puzzle

The main generator is found at the entry of the facility, and you find the battery sockets for the generator just above the point where water is entering the facility. You need to get the three batteries and place them in the sockets.

All of the batteries shown here are on a metal platform and above the ground, so you need to find ways to these batteries.

Once you get the batteries into the sockets, you will unlock the door and get the supplies.

The Water Facility Puzzle is the easiest on Bright Sands, as you only need to bring the batteries to the sockets to get the puzzle done.

Dig Site Generator Puzzle

dig site puzzle

The Dig Site Puzzle is a bit more complicated than the Water Facility puzzle. You need to swap the batteries to the puzzle doors so you can get access to all the batteries.

As you start, get the first power cell and then place it in the socket for the first puzzle door. Simply change the battery to the socket on the opposite end of the sockets.

Enter through the door and you can get to the door by following the wire. Here, you will get the second battery. Don’t bring this back to the three sockets as you need that battery to open the next door.

Head back and place the battery, that you used to open the puzzle door, into the center socket. This will open up the force field.

Take the second battery and place it in the socket in the newly opened up cabin. Head up to the warehouse behind the cabin and open the now unlocked door here to get the third battery.

Now that you have all the three batteries, place them in the main three sockets and unlock the door to the supply room in the Dig Site Facility. Follow the three wires to get to the supply room.

East Collection Point Generator Puzzle

This is the most complicated puzzle in bright Sands. The puzzle is entirely indoors and it makes it difficult to quickly find your way to all the batteries and get to all the sockets.

Get the first battery and get it to the Elevator Shaft and to the dead drop in the Deep underground Elevator. Put it in the socket here.

Open the door and sprint back to get the battery, and bring it inside the room. You will see two sockets here; place the battery on the socket to the left. This will light up the button right next to the socket you just placed the battery in. press it to open the door again and head out; turn right and the next door will be opened for you as well.

Enter here and get the second battery and place it in the first socket to again open the door. Again take this battery back into the first room. This time, place the battery into the socket on the right. Follow the same steps as before, but this time, go to the door on the left as you exit to get the final and third battery.

Once you have all the three batteries, you can then open the generator room and place them in the sockets for the generators.

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