The Crew 2 Open Beta Will Take Place By The End Of This Month, More Information At E3

Just a few days back, we had The Crew 2 closed beta which began on 31st of May and ended yesterday on 4th of June and now you would be excited to know that, The Crew 2 Open Beta has been officially announced.

We came to know of The Crew 2 Open Beta news when the official Crew 2 Twitter account made a post, that revealed the Open Beta to take place by the end of the month and that fans can expect more news at E3.

So what this open beta will offer is the greatest number to test The Crew 2 before its release. The open beta is scheduled for the end of this month. You can rest assured that Ubisoft will be pushing the limits in this beta even further than before, by offering the players full open world access, where the players will be able to drive the cars as well as the two-wheelers, especially the planes and boats.

So you can expect a full and amazing driving experience. Having said that, those who have had the chance to check out the closed beta, they have already tasted the blood and are probably hungry for more. With the ending of the closed beta, the first technical test has passed and now with this announcement, we know that the game has progressed on to the next phase of the test.

With all that said, as discussed earlier the Twitter post also mentions that fans can expect more details coming E3. Since no scheduled or specific date has been announced, and also considering the fact that E3 is just around the corner, we will be having more details regarding The Crew 2 Open Beta.

Did you check out the closed beta of the game? How was the experience? Are you excited about the Open Beta? Let us know in the comments below.