The Council Beginners Guide

The Council is quite a complex game. The fact that your decisions have a lot of long term consequences means that you need to be on your toes at all times. Even a simple misstep can end up having catastrophic consequences so it is probably best to have The Council Beginners Guide at hand when you play the game.

Our The Council Beginners Guide will tell you about all of the basics of the game. Everything will be covered from how you can use the multiple items that are available in the game to the skill tree to tips and tricks on how to solve puzzles that are available within the game.

The Council Beginners Guide

Before we delve into the advanced stuff, it is best if you remember that you need to be cautious, calm, and methodical in your approach to this game.

You can discover most of the secrets in the game by simply listening to the NPCs scattered in the world or by reading the books. It is also best to think about the dialogue as that will have the most impact towards the story.

What Class to Choose

You also have to choose a class at the start of the game. You will have an option from Diplomat, which essentially will be most useful during conversations.

The occultist will help you stay on top of the mystical and religious aspects and detective who will be best for looking for clues and in situations where you need logical thinking.

You get all of the skills of a certain ability when you choose the tree and you need to develop other skills in the game.

Keep in mind that after you choose a class, you’ll still be able to use all the skill of the other two classes. However, they’ll be much more expensive.

Since the classes in the game are so different from each other, it’s impossible to create a character that performs well in every situation.

]You’ll eventually find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the necessary skills to deal with it properly. When this happens, you’ll have to use your skills to deal with the situation in your own way

Best Skills

You already know the basic purpose of each of the classes by now. However, some skills are absolutely necessary regardless of the class.

Diversion in the Diplomacy tree will allow you to avoid difficult questions and is perfect for beginners.

Manipulation from the Occultist tree will also help you as will Psychology from the Detective tree as it will allow you to understand the NPC characters better.

Now let’s take a look at each skill individually!

Diplomat Skills

Skills Effects
Etiquette It will allow you to mould your character to a certain situation.
Conviction It will allow you to convince others easily.
Politics It will give you knowledge which will help in certain conversations.
Diversion It will be good for avoiding questions and distracting NPCs in conversations.
Linguistics It will make you better understand other languages.

Occultist Skills

Skills Effects
Science It will make you familiar with modern technology and medicine.
Occultism It will make you understand texts in ancient languages and have knowledge about religions.
Manipulation It can force other characters to do certain things.
Erudition It will increase your knowledge.
Subterfuges It will help you steal items, recognize counterfeit documents and open locks.

Detective Skills

Skills Effects
Questioning It will make you pick out peculiar behaviours of NPCs.
Vigilance It will make you notice important details in the world.
Logic It will increase your thinking abilities.
Psychology It will make you understand NPCs better.
Agility It will increase your physical abilities in case you need them.


There are four items in your equipment. You can use them at any time using the numbered keys and they work best when used in the middle of conversations as they can give you a quick boost that you may require here and there.

The four items are:

Items Uses
Devil’s Thorn Reveals strengths and weaknesses of the person next to you.
Golden Elixir Removes all negative statuses.
Carmelite Water Makes your next ability use 0 Effort Points.
Royal Jelly Gives you 2 Effort Points instantly.

These items can be found all around the map. They’re present in wardrobes, chests, stashes and you can even find them lying on the floor. The items that can be picked up are signified by a little globe of light.

Apart from this, you can find Amber stones to increase your Effort Points once and for all.

You can also find books in the world or receive them as a reward. Reading may increase one of your skills and help you with the story as well.

Solving Puzzles

There are tons of puzzles for you to solve. We will give you an example of this by helping you solve the Statue puzzle in the fourth chapter of the first episode. In the puzzle, you have to put the statues in the correct order.

The bookshelf has a book that has a hint on how to solve this puzzle. However, you can just rotate the statues by approaching them and then selecting the correct options. Rotate the Medusa toward the hero holding the shield option.

The soldier with the shield needs to be rotated towards the soldier with the sword who needs to be rotated towards the Medusa. Lastly, the one with the lantern must be rotated to the soldier with the shield. This will open up a secret passage for you.

That is all we have for our The Council Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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