Crystal Dynamics Will Give A New And Original Storyline To The Avengers Game

In a recent post on the Marvel Blog, some details of the upcoming Avengers Game came forward. According to the post, the developers of the game.

The Upcoming Avengers Game developed by Square Enix in partnership with Marvel will feature an entirely new and original storyline. The details of the game came forward through a recent post on the Marvel blog.

The Game will center around a universe that the players will not get bored off and will be something that would last around for years to come. According to Marvel’s post, the game will be packed with characters, interactable environment and iconic moments that will be really interesting and immersive for its gamers.

According to the Marvel’s post, the developers Crystal Dynamics will be working with newly hired gaming industry veterans to shape the game.

With the award, winning developers team and top industry talents like Shaun Escayg, the former Naughty Dog creative director who was recently rumored to be working with Crystal Dynamics on this game, the rumor has now been confirmed.

Also, Stephen Barry, a young videogames veteran from EA and Visceral Games, is working on the Avengers game and will really have a positive impact on the production of the game.

With the new and original storyline, it seems that the game’s story arc will be different from what we have seen in the movies. According to the creative director of Marvel games Bill Rosemann, the Game will certainly have its plot based on the comics as they are the origin of the Marvel stories.

With that said the fact that they have plans for the game to be played for years to come suggests that the developers will also be considering and probably be working on the multiplayer version of the game.

Recently the game also has had its short teaser trailer “The Avengers Project” released that has given away some basic insights for their fans.

The Game will certainly be making its way on PlayStation 4 although at this moment the details of the platforms have not been made official.

What are your views on the upcoming Avengers Game? Will it be something that could capture the audience for a long time? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Marvel