The Ascent Root Access Walkthrough

Root Access is the second-last story mission of the game The Ascent that requires you to complete three objectives. In this guide, we will be giving you The Ascent Root Access walkthrough with detailed step-by-step instructions to help you complete the mission.

The Ascent Root Access

The Ascent Root Access will start right after you complete the Board Meeting and defeat 438 Hung. Get to the elevator in the dNexus to get started with the first objective of the mission.

Go to Deepstink Level

The first objective of Root Access mission in The Ascent requires you to make your way towards the lower level of a hellhole called Deepstink. This area is filled with many enemies like Ferals, Ascender Combatants, Siege Mech, and more.

Follow the arrow towards the objective and interact with the terminals to go through the bridges. Once you reach an elevator, interact with it to reach the entrance of Silo 86.

Make sure you upgrade your character and have all of your best weapons and Augmentations equipped before you go ahead.

Reach Lower Maintenance Levels

Once in the Deepstink, you have to make your way towards the lower maintenance levels. You will have to face hordes of Ferals coming towards you.

The best strategy to use against the hordes of Ferals is to equip Spiderbots that explode on impact. In such scenarios, the Spiderbot augmentation will do charms for you.

After going through the hordes of enemies, look for a locked door that leads to a private area. Hack the door to enter the area, where you will find the Grafter, UCREDs, and many items.

Enter the MenShen Facilities

Get back on the path and make your way towards the MenShen facility. If you can’t seem to figure out what path to take, ping your waymarker to find the right path.

When you are near the entrance of the MenShen facilities, you will face two Siege Mechs.

Siege Mech first appears during the Trading Places main mission. Siege Mechs can perform a total of three attacks. These are:

  • Homing Missiles
  • Missile Barrage
  • Gatling Gun

All of these attacks are first indicated on the ground with red circles. Move or dodge out of the circle to not get any damage from these attacks. The best weapon to use against the Siege Mechs is the HMG-42 Dominator, paired with the Shockwave Grenade to stun them for a short period.


After they have been defeated, pass through the entrance of the MenShen facility to finish the mission. You will receive a total of 300,000 XP from The Ascent Root Access main mission and unlock the final mission of the game.