The Ascent Data Miner Walkthrough

Data Miner is the main story mission in The Ascent. During this Mission, you’ll come across multiple waves of adversaries. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete all 9 of the objectives in The Ascent Data Miner main mission.

The Ascent Data Miner

After you’ve completed the main mission ‘Empowerment’, you’ll be thrown into the ‘Data Miner’ mission that tasks you to fight through waves of difficult enemies for data extraction.

Just like any other main story mission in The Ascent, Data Miner also comes with few objectives to complete. Below is the list of objectives you’ll have to complete in order to finish the Data Miner main mission in The Ascent.

  • Speak with Kira
  • Recruit the Help of nogHead
  • Go to the Data Storage District
  • Rach Data Vault Access Chamber
  • Stop the Ascenders from activating the HPM-Emitter
  • Enter the AG OPS Data Vault
  • Appropriate the AG OPS Data Vault
  • Access AG OPS Data
  • Transfer data from the NOC

Speak with Kira

You’ll start The Ascent Data Miner Main Mission at the DeepSink from where you’ll have to make your way through multiple waves of enemies and finally reach the endpoint at the Warrens Elevator.

Reach the location and get taken to Cluster 13 where you’ll find Kira at the left end of the area. However, before finding her make sure to talk to the bartender at the bar just past the “Ratz” for some bounties and buy weapons from the weapon shop if needed.

Once all equipment is loaded, head left from the weapon shop, head right from the Armor shop, and find Kira atop the store, right from the Armor shop.


Talk to her and get information about yCorp and get ready to find nogHead.

Recruit the Help of nogHead

nogHead is found at the Coder’s Cove. There are two ways to reach nogHead. The first one is by fast traveling via taxi or train. However, if you’re the type of player who likes to explore things then the second method is best suitable for you.

For the second method, you must head down the elevator left to the Armor shop to go down to the Pharmacy, head left to reach the CorpSec, and use the elevator on the left to go down to the Rooftops.

Continue going left while making your way through the enemies and head past the building called Pearls, with Graffiti covering one side of its wall. This section is like the downtown of this area.

Go down the walkway left from the bar and face multiple enemies. Continue going right from the Bio Choice Pharma and reach the Tranquility Park on the left. Fight some enemies and make your way to the Cluster 13 Stimtown board on the far-left end.

Head right to the Nitroad and go up the stairs to reach the top of the Tranquility Park and go to the far-right side of the area which seems to look like a downtown marketplace. Go right from the Storage 16B to come across the Fullcycle store.

From here make a hard right turn to finally reach the Black Lake Towers. Head right from the Litvinov Cab company and go down to the far-right end of the area. Here you’ll head inside a pathway that leads you to Coder’s Cove where you’ll find nogHead to interact with.

Go to the Data Storage District

Exit Coder’s Cove and go back to the Litvinov Cab area and fast travel via a train to the Warrens. You can explore a bit and go on foot but it will waste a lot of your time. The best option is to use the train for this objective.

Once at the Warrens, go right and head down to where you started the mission, at the Deep Stink. Reach the central section of the area, use the big elevator to enter a new area called the DNEXUS. Make sure to be armed with the ER Chrome Puncher since you’ll be facing a bunch of mechanical robo fighters here.

Reach Data Vault Access Chamber

Once at the DNEXUS, head to the far-left side of the area while killing any enemy coming in your way to reaching the Data Vault Access Chamber. This area is quite tricky to figure out since you’ll be retracting multiple bridges to reach your destination.

Stop the Ascenders from activating the HPM-Emitter

Once at the chamber, your objective is to stop the Ascenders during The Ascent Data Miner main mission, who are currently trying to activate the HPM-Emitter. Simply use a Rifle to take them out and complete this objective as well.

Enter the AG OPS Data Vault

Next up is the Data Vault. Reach the Data Vault Access chamber and you’ll come across two turrets set up on the next bridge. Simply head to the entrance of the Data Vault and enter the chamber after grabbing health kits from the vending machine nearby.

Appropriate the AG OPS Data Vault

Once you’ve entered the Data Vault, the next thing you want to do is hack the Data Vault situated at the far-right end on a panel. Equipping Rejuv Tactical equipment is recommended.

The Appropriation takes 2 mins 45 secs to complete and, in the meantime, you’ll have to defend the vault from CGT enemies. E77 Superior or the EBR Enforcer is the most recommended weapons for the duration so equip them as soon as possible.

Access AG OPS Data

Once all the CGT enemies are taken down, head back to the panel and Access the AG OPS Data. Now it’s time for the last objective which is to transfer the Data.

Transfer data from the NOC

Return to dNexus via the elevator and the route you came from to reach the area where you encountered the Ascenders. Lastly, activate the panel to end The Ascent Data Miner mission.

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