The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jameson Photos Locations Guide

Where to find all The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jameson's photos to unlock achievement or trophy.

Throughout your game journey, J. Jonah Jameson will ask you to take photos of objects throughout the story. This guide briefly covers the location of all the objects from the Main Story Missions.

Mission #4 – Raid on Oscorp

Jameson’s Photo #1

After saving Max Dillion, turn around and look for a spider like thing enclosed in a glass case. Take a photo of it and you are done.

Jameson’s Photo #2

While looking for the Cooling Vent, you will come across a large room with a central generator. From this area, you need to climb up and take a picture of wires in the laboratory behind a glass.

Mission #7 – No One is Safe!

Jameson’s Photo #3

After wearing the Spider Suit and saving the captives from the goons, you need to go to the back of the theater and take a picture of a green open crate with purple cloth. It will be right next to stairs used in theater.

Jameson’s Photo #4

While you are at the Docks side, you will see a giant robot standing right next to some containers near the water.

Mission #9 – Claws of the Cat

Jameson’s Photo #5

While you are in the museum, you will see a large elephant skeleton in the central area. From this area, head near the red board at the back side of the area and take a picture of the white/black mask on the wall.

Mission #10 – My Ally, My Enemy

Jameson’s Photo #6

After speaking with Harry, take a picture of the pumpkin sitting on a shelf near a set of TVs.

Mission #11 – The Kingpin of Crime

Jameson’s Photo #7

You will see a red dumpster right next to the garage in the initial area. Right next to this dumpster will a T-shirt on the sand. Take a photo of it and boom!

Mission #14 – Maximum Carnage

Jameson’s Photo #8

Simply, take a picture of the Venom Wing signboard at the end of the path you reach after coming from electrical waves.

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