The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jameson’s Photos Locations Guide

Throughout your game journey, J. Jonah Jameson will ask you to take photos of some not-so-properly-explained objects.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jameson’s Photos Locations

These objects can be found in Main Story Missions as well as in Free Roam Mode. In this guide, I have not provided the Free Roam Mode ones, but only those which can be found in the Main Story Missions.

Mission #4 – Raid on Oscorp

Jameson’s Photo #1
After saving Max Dillion, turn around and look for a spider like thing enclosed in a glass case. Take a photo of it and you are done.

Jameson’s Photo #2
While looking for the Cooling Vent, you will come across a large room with a central generator. From this area, you need to climb up and take a picture of wires in the laboratory behind a glass.

Mission #7 – No One is Safe!

Jameson’s Photo #3
After wearing the Spider Suit and saving the captives from the goons, you need to go to the back of the theater and take a picture of a green open crate with purple cloth. It will be right next to stairs used in theater.

Jameson’s Photo #4
While you are at the Docks side, you will see a giant robot standing right next to some containers near the water.

Mission #9 – Claws of the Cat

Jameson’s Photo #5
While you are in the museum, you will see a large elephant skeleton in the central area. From this area, head near the red board at the back side of the area and take a picture of the white/black mask on the wall.

Mission #10 – My Ally, My Enemy

Jameson’s Photo #6
After speaking with Harry, take a picture of the pumpkin sitting on a shelf near a set of TVs.

Mission #11 – The Kingpin of Crime

Jameson’s Photo #7
You will see a red dumpster right next to the garage in the initial area. Right next to this dumpster will a T-shirt on the sand. Take a photo of it and boom!

Mission #14 – Maximum Carnage

Jameson’s Photo #8
Simply, take a picture of the Venom Wing signboard at the end of the path you reach after coming from electrical waves.

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