How To Play Multiplayer In Test Drive Unlimited 2?

The Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer is officially offline but there are many ways through which you can still play it and race others online.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 takes you to the islands of Ibiza and Oahu, letting you drive over 90 licensed cars. The game launched with an online component, one of the cornerstones of its unique MMO-like structure. Following the closure of online servers in 2018, Test Drive Unlimited 2 was left without its major defining aspect, the multiplayer.

Several groups have restored online functionality to the game through the use of clever modding tools. In this guide, we’ll be going over the easiest process of playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 online in 2024. We’ll cover the entire process and review all the game modes/activities you can play with your friends.

How to play Test Drive Unlimited 2 Online?

test drive unlimited 2 multiplayer

First, perform a fresh game install to play Test Drive Unlimited 2 online. Uninstall the game and install it using your disk or a third-party website. Do note that the game was delisted from Steam following the shutdown of online servers in 2018, so you can not purchase TDU2 from that storefront.

Add the newly installed game to your Steam Library, then hit the “Play” button. You’ll be shown your product key. Click “copy key to clipboard” to proceed with the next step.

For the next step, click on the settings icon in the left corner of the game page and go to Settings > Manage > Browse Local Files. This will take you to the game’s install directory. Next, scroll down and ensure you have a “Key.txt” file.

If you don’t, simply open the Notepad app, paste the product key you just copied into the document, then save the file as “key.txt” in TDU2’s install directory.

Next, head over to and register an account. Once you’ve done that, tab over to the download section and download the multiplayer mod installer, when you run the installation wizard, you’ll be prompted to install the mod into TDU2’s install directory, make sure you pick the correct location.


The default install directory for TDU 2 is: This PC > New Volume E/D/C > SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > Test Drive Unlimited 2

Once you confirm the location and begin the installation process, you’ll be greeted with a dialogue that says “Do you know if your game is up to date?” select No, and for the next dialogue box press Yes.

Before you can begin playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 online, go to This PC > Documents and delete the folder named “Eden Games.” Then, run the game through Steam and log in with your TDUworld credentials to enjoy TDU2 online.


If you’re prompted to allow the game to pass through Windows’ Firewall make sure you click yes to not hinder any online services

What modes can you play in Test Drive 2 Unlimited Multiplayer?

You can do several game modes and activities in the multiplayer portion of Test Drive Unlimited 2. You can invite your friends to the challenges and races you are competing in and vice versa. Below, you’ll find everything you can do in TDU2 online.


Go through all the checkpoints and the first one to cross the finishing line is the winner. The races take place all over the islands. You can also compete in off-road races.

Speed Trap

There are numerous Radar Traps on the roads. These radar traps will read the speed at which you are driving the car, and if you have the highest speed, you win the speed trap challenge. The fun part comes in your ability to take whatever route you want.


Compete against other players to find the best route and earn the most points. The higher you go above the minimum speed, the more points you earn.

Keep Your Distance

You will have to stay within a distance of a couple of yards with the car next to you, or if you’re the leader then the car behind you. The faster your team goes, the more points you earn.

Follow the Leader

In every race, the leader can see the next checkpoint. Once they have crossed that checkpoint the team members will be given a certain amount of time to cross that checkpoint. The difficulty of this mode depends on the leader of the pack.

Instant Challenge

It’s like any other instant challenge mode. You set the challenge and then rely on your luck to be put against the best player in the World. You can also invite your friends to these challenges.


You can group up with some friends, find a police car, and smash it as much as you can. It will increase your violation level. Then you and your friends can split up for more fun. Cops win if they stop you and you will win if you have ward off the cops long enough. Chase plays out in traffic and cops have extra perks to aid the task like EMP.

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