Terraria Walkthrough Guide

The following detailed walkthrough for Terraria will get you started with your adventure to search, and craft in the game world

Terraria is an action-adventure game in which you explore, build and discover around the world. On your way through the game, you enhance your character’s strength by different types of equipment and increase your health. All of this can be overwhelming which is why we have this complete Terraria walkthrough for you.

You can increase your Health and Mana by collecting the required crystals for increasing the health and the Mana. The health can be increased by collecting large crystallized hearts. They are mostly found in the underground caves. Mana requires mana crystals which are made by combining falling stars. 10 stars make a single mana crystal.

Your characters are saved for every world, you can use the same character in any world but you can’t use the saved items of one world into another world because the items saved in a chest of a world will only belong to that world.

Terraria Walkthrough

Terraria supports multiplayer but it is somewhat similar to the single-player. All of the players join a single world and everybody uses his own saved character from the singleplayer to play with. So if you will lose anything in the multiplayer, it will be lost in the singleplayer too.

Following are the interesting tidbits you should know as you start the game. The aim of this guide is to get you started with the basics of the game.

Getting Started in Terraria

First of all make sure you gather a lot of wood and make yourself a shelter.

  • Make a workbench
  • Explore the world
  • For creating torches kill slimes and grab their gels
  • Create a hammer and a sword (wooden)
  • Start collecting the different resources (ores) – Iron for anvil

How to Destroy The Walls
You can create explosives or a hammer to destroy the walls behind, which are used to stop enemies from spawning over there.

How To Place a Door
Doors are only placed in appropriate holes. The hole must be a three-tile high to place it in.

Expand Crafting Abilities
You can go to the crafting stations as they allow you to create better items.

How to Change the Spawn Point
Yes, the spawn points can be changed. You must make the desired bed by collecting cowebs and then turning them into silk. Then you can use the wood and the silk to make a bed. The bed can be used to relocate your spawn

Chests – Either Make Them or Buy Them
You can store your items in the chests – You can either make these chests by wood or Iron OR you can buy a Piggy Bank from the merchants.

How to Restore Health
Mushrooms can be used to restore the health. They are mostly found in the greenery.

Bottles for Potions and Alchemy Station – Workbench
You can make the glass bottles by smelting the sand on a furnace to form the glass. You can further smelt the glass to make bottles.

Night Time – Collect Falling Stars
Night? Falling stars will start falling – catch them all as they help in increasing MANA. Zombies and Demon eyes will also spawn though.

Blood Moon – How to Survive
Consider it the rage of Zombies and Demon Eyes, their spawning number is heavily increased and they are pretty much powerful now.

Died? No Problem
You lose your money…almost half of it. You can collect it from the death beds unless it has not fallen somewhere stupid so try to keep your money in your safe houses.

Types of Equipment
You can equip five items; they help in different ways like there are helmets and leggings as your armor. Decreasing order of importance:

  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Demonite
  • Meteor
  • Hellstone

How to Get a Grappling Hook
There are two ways, you can either kill the skeletons (underground) but it totally depends on your luck because they don’t drop it every time OR you can create one by crafting chains from the Iron bars and combine them together to make a hook.

Explore The World

Forests are where you can find the mushrooms, trees, sunflowers and the slimes. These are your essential needs.

Deserts Like Areas
These are the deserts and not useful at all. Sand is all what you can get from them.

Purple Grass Area – Corruption
Corruption it is. Just try to avoid it as much as possible.

Dungeon – Giant Building With Colored Bricks
This is known as the dungeon, every world has its own and you can’t enter it unless you have defeated the Skeletron.

They spawn randomly; you can break them to get different stuff such as money, health ammo.

Earth Layer – Brown
You are now in the dirt-layer. It is not dangerous as few Red and Yellow Slimes are present here.

Earth Layer – Grey Stone
You are now in the stone layer. This a bit more dangerous than the first layer. Skeletons and Black, mother slimes spawn here.

Earth Layer – Lava
Well, you’re in the final and the most dangerous layer. You’ll find fire-balls and skeletal bone serpents’ as well. It has lots of gold too but when you come down here make sure you know how to survive.

Go to next page for more on NPCs, Corruption, Meteors, Floating Island, Dungeons and Bosses in Terraria.

Demonic Altar – Spiky Brown, Hurts When Hammering
This is a Demonic Altar. It is harmless unless you do something stupid. You can craft demonite items by its help.


Consider them the tour guides; they will help you in most of the new stuff. There are 6 NPCs in the game set to provide you the necessary information.

How to Build a house for the NPCs
You must do the following tasks

  • Build all the walls and the roof. Each wall of the room shall be five tiles high and should not be attached to any other house.
  • Apply the background walls such as wooden walls.
  • Place something to be used as the source of light like a torch on your wall. Also put in a table and a chair
  • Place a door to make it a house!

NPCs aren’t moving In
Make sure to double-check that your house is properly made and they can reach up to it.


Corruption is some-what related to what happens in our world. Everyone will start bugging – You’ll know it because the sky will turn dark and the floor will become all purple.

Inside of Corruption
Thorns which are of purple colors – They damage the player but they can be killed.

  • You’ll find Vile Mushrooms which are used to make worm bait.
  • Enemies known as the eater of souls and devourer will spawn.
  • Chasms,gigantic pits, ebonstone- the rock which only breaks by a dynamite.
  • More Chests.

Shadow Orbs
The concentration of evil energy – break it to get a mid-level item, but when it breaks…chances are of summoning an evil enemy. You can break these orbs by a hammer or dynamite.

Meteors Fall
It can fall anywhere…it’s made of meteorite ore and its Meteor Heads attack if you go closer to it.

Whatever you do make sure you’re equipped with an obsidian skull otherwise it will hurt you. You can use to grab gold from it and make equipment…powerful one.

How to Get Rid of Meteor Heads
You can’t unless the Meteorite remains in the crater

A high-level building heavily secured but has a lot of treasures too. You must kill the skeletron to get inside. Don’t enter without fighting Skeletron or you would die instantly.

Inside of Dungeon
It has different sort of enemies such as flaming skulls, bones and dark casters. You’ll also find high-level stuff like the Blue moon.

You can’t kill them but can grapple over them or go beneath them.

How to Create Bricks of Dungeon
Use the dynamite or start mining.

Underground Jungle
Sometimes the stone layers are converted into it. It has man eaters and hornets. The green glow decor tells you that you’re in it.

How to Find Underground Jungle
Dig around the opposite side of your dungeon…it is in between the stone and hell layer border.

Floating Island
The name explains it – these are floating lands – found at 400 blocks up of the depth meter.

How to Find The Floating Island
Not much but you can find some houses made of metal bricks and some chests which have a very rate item. It also has gold ores.


Bosses are powerful enemies with great abilities. They have a big health bar and don’t die easily. There are three bosses as of now the Skeletron, the eye of cthulu and the eater of the worlds.

Summon Eye of Cthulu
When its night you will find Demon eyes, kill them and they may give you a lens. Grab 10 of those lens and take the to the Damon altar who can turn them into a suspicious eye. Wait for the zombies to spawn (night time) and then use that eye to summon it.

Restrictions on Eye of Cthulu
The summoning must be done at night (at day you’ll die and lose the Susipicious eye too) You can although spawn him again and again. He must be killed in a single night because he will flee when its day time and will return in the next night.

Eye of Cthulu – Everything You Should Know
First of all, its health bar is just 4000. The best weapons to use against it are the bow and the flaming arrows or the weapons which can be used from a far-away range.

The eye will just attack in a simple-way – It will rush towards you for three times and then go up in the air. At this time it will send its servants. They are not difficult to kill.

After sending few of them it will then come down again and perform the same tactics again. It will show the same strategy until its H.P goes below 2000. But after that it will just keep on rushing towards you and attack you again and again.

Don’t spend much time in thinking and just keep on attacking. It shall die easily and drop useful stuff.

Summon Eater of Worlds
The items you need are the Rotten Chunks – collect 15 rotten chunks by defeating eater of souls (corruption areas) and 20 vile powders – make them by the vile mushrooms. Then bring these items to the Demonic Altair so it can be crafted into a Worm Bait.

Restrictions on Eater of Worlds
It must be summoned somewhere at the corrupted areas otherwise you’ll die just like the first boss. But once it is spawned it can go anywhere. It can be summoned again and again too. You must kill him to get rid of him as he will come to your spawns too.

Eater of Worlds – Everything You Should Know
It is similar to the worms and serpents, it has lots and lots of Eater of Souls which have 200 HP each. You should take a weapon with a good attacking rate such as the Muramasa or Blue moon. Understanding the movement of the eater is very easy.

He just attacks like a simple enemy. To defeat it you must kill all of the EOS, after killing the last you’ll get the confirmation message and lots of items.

Summon Skeletron
Just talk to the oldman outside the Dungeon (Night)

Restrictions on Skeletron
You must fight at night. He is just summoned once and flees if you die once…although it will come back at the next night.

Skeletron – Everything You Should Know
The H.P is 6000. His different body parts have divided the health all over- You must attack its head and arms. So use weapons which will be reliable to strike everywhere.

I would suggest using something with a good range. The main attack of the Skeletron is the head spin – when he does that its head spins rapidly and it tries to hit you by it.

If you get hit by it you’ll lose your health and it will keep hitting you and won’t give you much time to recover. So whenever it does that just try to stay away. Hit the head of the Skeletron and you’ll kill it.

It will also give you some money and other items but the main part is that now you can enter the Dungeon which has a lot of treasures.

Wall of Flesh

After you have gone through the early baby steps of the game it is time to become a big boy and enter the hardmode of the game. The Wall of Flesh is a boss that once you kill will enable hardmode permanently and open the gates of hell upon you.

In order to fight this bad boy you are going to need an elevator descending into hell; hellevator if you will. This vertical hole will go from the surface to the depths of the underworld. During your way down you are probably going to find a lot of Lava so make sure to grab some buckets of water as you would in Minecraft.  Mine all hellstone and obsidian you come across.

Make Obsidian and Hellstone Ore into Bars at the hellforge. Get full molten armor and molten gear and pimp yourself out as the Ghost Rider. To get any further you are going to need to have Molten Pickaxe. It is recommended that you get a Fiery Greatsword and a hellstone bow to make this journey a tad bit easier for yourself.

Now make a bridge for your own mobility, consisting of at least 1000 tiles. Kill Voodoo demons to get a Guide Voodoo Doll which will be summoned to kill the Wall of Flesh.

Summon the Wall of Flesh by going to the very edge of your built bridge and throwing the Voodoo demon in lava.  If you try to go home during this fight you will die. The boss will shoot lasers at you as well as shoot leeches in your direction. Kill the Hungry sticking out of it with a sword and then start shooting the eyes with a gun or a bow. Once the boss is defeated you will get a Pwnhammer and some other loot along with being in Hardmode now.


With your newly obtained Pwnhammer smash the three crimson/demon altars which will bless your world 3 out of 6 hardmode ores.

  • Palladium=Cobalt
  • Orichalcum=Mythril
  • Titanium=Adamantite

You can mine Palladium/Cobalt with a molten pickaxe which can then be made into bars to make tools of the respective class. From here you can mine Orichalcum and move up the tiers and so on.

Once you activate the hardmode beware that the Corruption/Crimson will start spreading and you must stop it. It is recommended that you grab some wings at this point.

Early Hardmode Bosses (Mechanical Bosses)

These bosses are the easiest Hardmode bosses starting from the easiest, we have.

  • The Destroyer
  • The Twins
  • Skeletron Prime

Hopefully you will have made yourself some high tier armor from the new ores in your game-world and will be ready to square off against these enemies. Orchestrate your play-area according to each boss by either building skybridges or making platforms for your own ease to beat the bosses at your own pace.


Killing this jungle beast will be relatively easy with the new gear you have acquired so go into the underground jungle and find Plantera’s bulb. Make sure to dig some space around it so you can fight it without being suffocated or trapped in corners. Kite the plantera as you shoot at it while jumping around on your built platforms. You should be able to deal with this boss very easily in little time.


Golem is found in Lihzahrd Temples. This guy will spawn in the underground jungle. You can also colect Lihzahrd power cells from their chests within the temples and use these to summon a golem at one of the altars.

Kill the Golem’s fists firsts and then take down the head; beware that upon reaching half health the Golem will start shooting out lasers at you. These lasers will go through and through the blocks so be extremely careful. Lesser the health, the more frequent the lasers are going to get.

Duke Fishron

As implied by the name, it is a Fish like boss that can cover a lot of distance while flying. Get items that increase your boots and make sure to have your wings with you. Use a gravitation potion to make your flying a little quicker so you can dodge his attacks with ease. Make sure to pop the bubbles he throws at you and dodge al sharknados.

Lunar Event

Beginning the Lunar Event requires you to kill the Golem. You will find devoted cultists at the dungeon and once you kill all of them, the Lunitic Cultist will appear. He will try to fight you off with his spells and by summoning dragons. Once you are done with him the four celestial pillars will spawn namely the Nebula Pillar, Vortex Pillar, Solar Pillar and Stardust Pillar.

You must go to each of these pillars and kill 100 of the unique monsters which will spawn at each of the pillar. Once you kill these monsters the pillar will become vulnerable to attacks. Destroying the pillar will give you a fragment that can be used to make some end-game items that will prove useful against the Moon Lord fight. Back up your world after the third pillar fight so if you lose you can always load everything back up.

The Moon Boss is an extremely hard boss fight. Once you destroy the fourth pillar a message will show up saying “Impending doom approaches,” which means that your biggest threat is now about to give you hell. Moon Lord will spawn.

A strategy that the community suggests is to build a room in the sky with a nurse so if you take too much damage you can go ahead and heal up there. It’s a little cheesy, but hey, it works.

This was the complete walkthrough of everything you need to know about Terraria from starting to end, moving into the Hardmode and defeating all the big boys of Terraria. If you feel like there are any tips you might want to be included in this guide, feel free to let us know.

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