Terraria Connection Issues and Errors

Fix Terraria connection issues, performance and graphics issues, Crash to desktop and other errors with workarounds for all problems.

If you face any error, crash or other graphics and performance issues while playing Terraria, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide below for the workarounds to fix these Terraria Connection issues and errors.

Terraria Connection Issues and Errors

Make sure your drivers are updated
Keep your drivers updated, download them from nVidia and AMD portals.

Full-Screen Mode is not working
You can enable the full screen mode from the options but if due to some reason it is not working then you can simply press ALT+ENTER for the full screen.

Configurations are not changing
If you are not able to setup new controls or change the existing ones then go to
My Documents/My Games/Terrariaand delete the file config.dat and restart the game.

Low Frames Rate and Performance Fix
Update your drivers as mentioned above and try reinstalling the game and the required software (XNA, .Net Framework) as well. Make sure you don’t have anything open which may interfere with the performance.

How do I change the resolution?
See this video.

The game crashes at start-up or after some-time

  • Delete the config.dat file from My Documents/My Games/Terraria
  • Perform all the related steps mentioned above
  • Plug in a headphone in your speakers jack if you have not. Many users have reported this to be a fix.
  • Lower the resolution
  • Start running the game directly (from the steam’s folder instead of the steam launcher)
  • Run the game as an administrator (Windows 7, Vista)
  • Go to in-game options and put Multicolor to off and Lighting to Color or White. Check the resolution to see if it matches your monitor or exceeds it

Terraria crashes “Receiving Tile Data”
Turn off your antivirus system and the make sure that the game is not blocked by any firewalls.

Terraria crashes before selecting the world

  • Go to My Documents/My Games/Terraria and delete the file config.dat and restart the game.
  • Perform a clean reinstall after deleting all the terraria game folders.

Can’t connect to the host servers

  • Forward the port 31337 on your router
  • Make sure that the firewalls are not blocking
  • Turn off all the other internet adapters (virtual like Hamachi too)

Corrupted Local Files

If your files are corrupted and you have already tried re-installing the game then:

  • Go to Steam, right-click Terraria and go to Properties after which click on Local Files tab and Verify Integrity of Local Files. This will check for any corrupt or missing files present in your game’s folder and fix it accordingly.
  • Go to your Terraria Documents folder and delete Config.json
  • Uninstall any mods; some mods can result in a conflict with the base-game which will prevent you from launching the game.

Unable to Sync with OneDrive

Go to “This Computer”, right-click on Documents and check ALWAYS SAVE ON THIS COMPUTER, also make sure OneDrive is up and running.

Hardware Issue

If your PC does not have enough RAM, you can go ahead and try to eliminate all excessive processes in the background.

For Windows Vista or 7

Go to your start menu, right-click Computer, go to Properties, then Advanced System Settings and then Visual effects processor usage and virtual memory setings, then go into Advanced and change your Virtual Memory Minimum to 10,000 and Maximum to 19,999.

For Windows 10

Go to your Start Menu, go to settings, then performance. Click on Adjust the appearance and performance of windows. Now go to the Advanced tab and under the Virtual memory selection click change. Now at the bottom of the window uncheck “Let system manage paging file.” Click on Custom Size and set the minimum to 10,000 and Maximum to 19,999.

Game not Saving

If your progress is not saving then uncheck Steam Cloud options on both your worlds and your characters. Should you happen to encounter an error while logging off from your world you might have to head to your local game files folder in Documents\My Games\Terraria, now select the properties of Terraria folder and uncheck the ”Read Only” box and you should be good to go.

If you face any other issues, you can ask in comments and I will try to help you out.

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