Tequila Works Will Remove Denuvo From RIME If Hackers Crack It

Tequila Works has released RIME, a singleplayer puzzle game on PC, and used Denuvo anti-temper tech to protect its property.

Tequila Works has released RIME, a singleplayer puzzle game on PC, and used Denuvo anti-temper tech to protect its property. There are so many other games that use this technology these days, mostly AAA titles.

However, unlike other publishers, Tequila Works says that it will remove Denuvo if hackers are able to crack it. This will be done to ensure a streamlined experience across the board. In a statement released by the company earlier, they explained:

I have seen some conversations about our use of Denuvo anti-tamper, and I wanted to take a moment to address it. We have had discussions about Denuvo internally, and one of the key points of all of those discussions have simply been, we want to ensure the best gaming experience for RiME players. RiME is a very personal experience told through both sight and sound. When a game is cracked, it runs the risk of creating issues with both of those items, and we want to do everything we can to preserve this quality in RiME

Things are not looking good for Denuvo so far, Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 was cracked within the first week of its release. Despite, a newer version of the DRM that was released to counter the piracy of games. Mass Effect Andromeda was cracked and even the latest version was available to pirates. While the general perception about Denuvo DRM is that it is uncrackable, at least it was when it was newly released, but according to the company itself, the DRM is hard to crack not uncrackable, despite their initial marketing and bragging.

For now, there is nothing that can hold pirates back, we have technologies that can slow them down but nothing is uncrackable. RIME is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Steam

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