Tencent Working on Two Different PUBG Mobile Games, Not Just One

The past month marked Tencent Holdings Limited, the largest internet and gaming company in the world, to be involved with a PUBG mobile game for China. It turns out that the conglomerate is not interested in just one, but two different handheld versions of the popular battle royale property.

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, shared trailers (via VG247) for both of them this week. The first one, dubbed PUBG Mobile, is being developed by Tencent Timi Studio and takes an arcade approach to the genre. The second project, dubbed PUBG Thrilling Battlefield, is being handled by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio and will be a more accurate clone of the original product with better tactical options.


It has been confirmed that both of the upcoming PUBG mobile games will be powered by Unreal Engine 4, similar to the PC version. They are assumed to be early in development because no release dates have yet surfaced. It is also very unlikely that they will release outside of China, but localization can always take place after a considerable period of time and success.

In August, shortly after PUBG became an international success story, Tencent was reported to have attempted buying out Bluehole Studio. The offer was rejected by the South Korean developer and a compromise was settled in the form an unknown investment instead.

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