Temtem Vulvir Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide will focus on Temtem Vulvir Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats so you have an idea of where to capture this Temtem and why adding it to your party is useful.

Temtem Vulvir Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Vulvir is a beautiful baby dinosaur/dragon shaped Temtem having the whole face covered by a rock. Its body is brownish orange and have beautiful and bright lime green eyes.

Just as the appearance of Vulvir Temte, it can be deduced that it is a Fire and Eath type Temtem considering the Orange color to be representing the Fire element and the Rocky face to be Earth.

 Vulvir is a Fire and Earth type Temtem and has a good defense overall. Here are Vulvir’s base stats:

  • HP: 59
  • STA: 54
  • ATK: 47
  • SPATK: 47
  • SPD: 57
  • DEF: 64
  • SPDEF: 31

Luckily, Vulvir is a Temtem that can be evolved! At Level 14, Vulvir is evolved into a Vulor.

Vulor has the following Bases Stats:

  • HP: 65
  • STA: 59
  • SPD: 63
  • ATK: 49
  • DEF: 71
  • SPATK: 49
  • SPDEF: 32

Then, at Level 28, Vulvir is evolved into a Vulcrane. During all these evolutions, the Vulvir remains of the same type – Fire and Earth.

Vulcrane has the following base stats

  • HP: 76
  • STA: 65
  • SPD: 73
  • ATK :74
  • DEF: 86
  • SPATK: 64
  • SPDEF: 35

Vulvir Temtem can be found in the area of ‘Anak Volcano’ as it is a Fire and Earth type of dragon. The Anak Volcano is situated in the island of Omninesia.

Vulvir Traits
Vulvir has two traits which are Caffeinated and Camaraderie.

The Caffeinated trait prevents Vulvir from asleep state conditions.

The Camaraderie trait works when both of the allies are of the same evolution line. It reduces 50% of damage when attacked.

Vulvir Techniques
There are a total of 6 Techniques which the Vulvir Temtem learns by leveling up. Here is the complete detail:

Name Level Type Class Damage
Scratch 1 Neutral Physical 20
Stare 3 Mental Status
Sand Splatter 7 Earth Physical 35
Fire Flame 10 Fire Special 45
Head Ram 15 Neutral Physical 100
Embers 21 Fire Physical 63

There are two types of Techniques a Vulvir can learn through Technique Courses.

Name TC# Type Class Damage
Wake up 4 Neutral Physical 1
Magma-Cannon 6 Fire Special 70

 There are two more types of Techniques a Vulvir can learn through Breeding.

Name Type Class Damage
Earth Wave Earth Physical 90
Extinction Fire Status

Type Defense
Here is a list of Vulvir’s type defense stats against different types which elaborates how much damage a Vulvir takes against different types.

  • Neutral Type: 1x
  • Fire Type: 25x
  • Water Type: 4x
  • Nature Type: 1x
  • Electric Type: 5x
  • Earth Type: 2x
  • Mental Type: 1x
  • Wind Type: 2x
  • Digital Type : 1x
  • Melee Type: 2x
  • Crystal Type: 25x
  • Toxic Type: 0.5x