Best Temtem Tier List For All Types of Encounters

Not all Temtems are equal, and some Temtems are clearly above others depending on their overall skill, attack power and defense. However, with over 160 Temtems, judging which Temtem is better than the others is a huge chore to do yourself. Luckily, we have undergone this task of finding and dividing the best Temtem for you in a tier list.

Temtem Tier List

Starting from S-tier all the way down to D-tier, these Temtem are some of the best in the game. The higher their tier, the more effective and versatile they are in combat but also more difficult to get your hands on.

We have considered the strengths, weaknesses, attacking capability, defense and overall effectiveness in battle of all the Temtem that we have ranked. So, let’s get started.

S Tier

The best of the best. These S Tier Temtems can hold against almost anything on their own. They are the strongest and prove themselves either by being the main attackers or by their ability to support the entire team.

Name Type Attack Special Attack Defense Special Defense
Tulcan Wind, Fire 62 74 69 49
Oceara Water 54 105 51 65
Ukama Water 34 76 51 54
Anahir Crystal, Fire 50 50 101 101
Gazuma Electric, Wind 68 81 81 91

A Tier

A Tier Temtems may not be the strongest individually but can hold their ground. These Temtems prove to be user friendly, and you can use them to win almost any fight, whether it’s a team fight or a one-on-one fight, A Tier Temtems are well-rounded Temtems.

Name Type Attack Special Attack Defense Special Defense
Rhoulder Neutral, Earth 79 22 91 65
Golzy Electric, Melee 84 40 49 48
Minothor Mental, Electric 86 44 70 44
Nessla Water, Electric 76 76 50 72
Barnshe Wind, Mental 60 75 40 79

B Tier

B Tier Temtems are excellent for team fights. They present high flexibility and help build strong team cores.


Individually, they lack any high desirability but are highly effective if you use them against your opponent’s weaknesses.

Name Type Attack Special Attack Defense Special Defense
Gyalis Crystal, Melee 85 23 61 61
Yowlar Neutral 77 50 82 70
Akranox Earth, Toxic 71 71 64 64
Venmet Neutral, Melee 78 48 78 48
Myx Crystal, Mental 51 82 43 80

C Tier

C Tier Temtems are comfortable to use, but they have specific moments to shine. They are always good in teams, and though they may not be the foundation, they always bring something valuable to the table when they are picked.

They are much more dependent on the team in a fight, and are generally less flexible.

Name Type Attack Special Attack Defense Special Defense
Volgon Electric 58 90 62 67
Molgu Digital 84 52 64 58
Adoroboros Toxic, Mental 29 70 42 110
Magmut Melee, Fire 75 75 62 62
Raize Fire 46 69 74 43

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