Temtem Side Quests Guide

Travel through the islands and help the local populace by completing these various side quests in Temtem to gain loot and XP

In Temtem, there are many side quests for players to complete alongside their journey through the Archipelago Islands. This Temtem Side Quests guide will be your key to finishing them all with ease.

Doing these side quests for the sake of saving a bit of cash at the shop is worth it. In this guide, we will list all the Temtem side tasks and how to complete each of them along with their rewards such as XP and items.

Temtem Side Quests

A Better Future
To start this side quest, speak with Minos who is located in the far south of the Sillaro River.


  • Ask Pasiphae at her Turquesa townhouse.

Go inside the building on the island and talk to each of the children before speaking with Pasiphae. Each Child has their own side quest.

Better Future: Ariadne.

This side quest is part of the A Better Future side quest. You can start this by speaking with Ariadne at her house far to the south in the Sillaro River.

  • Find Ara in Omninesia and ask her to mentor Ariadne.

Ara can be found in The Flywalk outside painting by the house with Visesia.

  • Return to Pasiphae’s house and tell Ariadne.

You will get 1000 pansuns for letting Ariadne know to meet Ara in Kisiwa.

  • Visit Ara and Ariadne in Kisiwa.

You cannot complete this step in the current version of the game (Pre-Release state). Reward: 1000 Pansuns.

Better Future: Asterion

This side quest is part of the A Better Future side quest . You can start this by talking to Asterion at his house in Sillaro River.

  • Ask Adia Turay to help Asterion

Adia is at the Airship Terminal in Arissola

  • Return to Pasiphae’s and tell Asterion the good news.
  • Check on Asterion aboard the Narwhal.

You will need to complete First Steps main quest and board the Narwhal. Asterion is at the end of the hall to the left after leaving your cabin.

Rewards: 700 Pansuns or Lv. 15 Pewki.

If you choose not to accept the Pansuns, he will give you a level 15 Pewki with 3 perfect SVs which evolves after 1 level.

Better Future: Phaedra

This side quest is part of the A Better Future side quest . You can start this by talking to Phaedra at her house in the south of the Sillaro River.

Blueprint Delivery

To start this side quest, talk to Oliana who is at the bottom floor of the Myrisles Engineering building in the southern part of Nanga.

  • Deliver the blueprints to the Guildmaster of Tucma.

Oliana will give you a Lightning Rod for accepting this quest. Head to Tucma Guild and talk to the guild master there.

Talking to the guild master will reward the Snare. But the objective will not update. You can return to Oliana to complete the quest for a 1200 Pansuns reward.


  • Lightning Rod
  • Snare
  • 1200 Pansuns

Endaira’s Quest

Laura needs help getting the last issue of “Endaira’s Quest”, which is a fictional comic book. To start this quest, speak with Laura in Arissola. She is in the house directly south of the clothing store.

  • Find a copy of “Endaira’s Quest” in Kisiwa.

Note: You cannot currently complete this quest (as Kisiwa is inaccessible in Pre-Release)

Gone with the Sillaro
Clara needs help finding her missing pendant. To start this side quest, speak with Clara. She is on the eastern coast of Zadar. You will need to have a surfboard in order to progress this side quest.

  • Find the missing pendant

Ride your surfboard north along the right edge of Sillaro River until you find a piece of land with wreckage on it. Interact with the glitter particles to retrieve Clara’s Lost Pendant.

  • Return the pendant to Clara in Zadar


TC001: Tsunami.

Lottie’s Diary
This quest can be started by finding Lady Lottie’s diary in a room on the bottom floor of the Giant Banyan.

  • Go through the diary as Carlos for information.

Archipelago Colours
To start this side quest, speak with Ara in the Flywalk. You will need access to Tucma and Kisiwa to fully complete this.

  • Get some purple paint from Luisouvenirs:

She will give you 1100 pansuns for travel expenses. You will find the paint in the same place you got the map from in Briçal de Mar.

  • Bring the purple paint to Ara:

Ara will again be in The Flywalk where you first encountered her. She will award you with 400 pansuns for bringing her the purple paint.

  • Find Lapis blue paint for Ara

Ara says the dye can be found in the Highlands of Kisiwa. This step cannot be completed in the current Pre-Release state.

Reward: 1500 pansuns.

Message in a Bottle
To start this quest, Interact with the sparkles on strip of land in the Sillaro River. (The same Island where you find the pendant in side quest Gone with the Sillaro.

  • Consult with Carlos in Briçal.

Carlos is west of Briçal de Mar on the small island in Indigo Lake. If you advance in the main story you cannot find Carlos in Briçal de Mar

  • If you have already advanced in the main story, talk to Old Despina in Turquesa.

Old Despina is on the pier, in the house to the right of Eidolon Beauty. Old Despina will recognize the handwriting as belonging to Berat.

Take the message in a bottle to Berat in Zadar. He will take it and run off to Old Despina’s.

Reward: 1x Revive.

Missing Kids
To start this side quest, speak with Headmistress Dolça, who’ll on the top floor of the Accademia in Briçal de Mar. You will need a Surfboard to complete this quest.

  • Find Yusuf and Roger in Briçal.

Ride your surfboard across the Indigo Lake west of Briçal de Mar. You will find Roger & Yusuf on the southwest shore.

  • Report back to the Headmistress of the Accademia.

Reward: Decoy

No Head For Numbers
Help Josep obtain his lunch from the locker to which he has forgotten his combination! Speak with Josep, he is just inside the Accademia in Briçal de Mar.

  • Talk to the Accademia receptionist.
  • Talk to Josep at the Accademia.
  • Look for the slip of paper in the Briçal Temporium.

Speak with Miray, just inside the Temporium to the left, to get the slip of paper.

  • Return the slip of paper to Josep at the Accademia.

Rewards: 2x Vital Apple

To start this quest, speak with the Paparazzo who is near the Miniporium in Mokupuni. This side quest can also be done in reverse by first speaking to Visesia in The Flywalk. If you start the quest here, you only need to speak with the Paparazzo.

  • Locate famous Visesia in Citerior Omninesia

You can find Visesia in The Flywalk .

  • Talk to Paparazzo.

Rewards: Pillow

Salty Business
To start this, speak with Giulia in the The Gifted Bridges. You will need to have a surfboard to complete this quest.

  • Acquire the goods from Lorenzo

Head to southeast across the Sillaro River to Turquesa and speak with Lorenzo to receive salt. Lorenzo will give you 3 Sea Salt in addition to the salt needed for Giulia.

  • Return to Giulia.


  • Sea Salt x3
  • Scent x5

The Denizan Icarus
Start this side quest by speaking with Deadalus in the Thalassian Cliffs.

  • Show Daedalus your Tempedia

Just speak with Daedalus again to show him your Tempedia

  • Help Daedalus obtain a Barnshe.

With a Barnshe in your party return to Daedalus. Select The following chat options when applicable:

  • Barnshe, Fly over the water!
  • Soar over Windward Fort!
  • Climb as high as you can!

Rewards: TC003: Turbo Choreography

The Turquesa Ferry
Start this quest by speaking with Theodora. She will be on the docks in Briçal de Mar. You will need to have a surfboard to complete this quest.

  • Ask at the Riverine Fellowship in Turquesa

Cross the Sillaro River and head to Turquesa. Giada is south of the Temporium.

  • Ask Jana, the owner of Sirokos

Head north-east to reach the shore you can land on, then south to find Jana.

  • Find Idris at the pier of Turquesa.

Surf west to reach the pier.

  • Find the missing ferry, somewhere in the Sillaro.

Head north across the Sillaro River and find the shored up ferry. Speak with Captain Paco. He is just south of the long-narrow strip of land with the Miniporium. Idris will give you 2 Revives

  • Break the bad news to Idris in Turquesa.
  • Inform Theodora about the cancelled ferry.

Return to Briçal de Mar and talk to Theodora.


  • 2x Revive
  • 3x Smoke Bomb

Tourist Guide
To start this, speak with the Tour Operator at the center of Arissola.

  • Give the tourist in Arissola a guided tour of Deniz

Speak to any of the nearby tourists. The first 2 chat options do not matter.

  • Pasiphae of Turquesa
  • Thalassian Cliffs
  • The town of Turquesa

Inform the tour operator in Arissola of your success

Rewards: Umbrella

Travel Writer
Talk to Tarlae aboard the Narwhal.

  • Report to Tarlae about Deniz.

Meet Tarlae inside their house in the Nanga residential quarter. Any of the chat options are acceptable.

  • Inform Tarlae about Omninesia.

You will receive a Hand Fan for describing Omninesia. You cannot get credit for this step immediately after landing in Nanga, you must explore more first.

  • Report to Tarlae when you visit another island

You cannot complete this step in the current Pre-Release state.


  • Hand fan
  • Lure

Study Up
To start this, visit Sanyu in the first house in north Mokupuni

Sanyu will ask you 5 questions. You must answer all of them correctly to complete this sidequest. The correct answers are:

  • Raku
  • Cerneaf
  • Kinu
  • Vulor
  • A Hidody

Reward: TC004: Wake Up

Wild Imagination
To start this, speak to Liliana in Arissola. She will be near the Dojo and Temporium

Do you know as much about Temtem as little Liliana?

  • The first two questions are always the same
  • You’re so Tall!
  • Gasp! So fast!

You then pick a Temtem to pretend to be, you cannot pick Loali. Select the appropriate follow up.

Kalazu: Watch my tentacles!

Saku: Do you like my flower?

  • The final question is always the same.

Select the option with the Sai

Rewards: Energetic Kiwi

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