Temtem Shipwrecked in Tucma Quest Guide

Shipwrecked in Tucma! Is one of Temtem’s main quests which starts at Narwhal, subsequent to the ‘A trip to Kisiwa’ quest. This Temtem Shipwrecked in Tucma Quest should help you complete it and all its objectives.

Temtem Shipwrecked in Tucma Quest

After the events of ‘A trip to Kisiwa’, this quest starts after you crash the Narwhal airship. This guide will walk you through the completion of the Shipwrecked in Tucma! Quest.

After crashing the Narwhal airship, you lost your Crystal Skates, Surfboard, Archipelago Map and Temessence Phial. The Temessence Phial and Archipelago Map can be found by searching for the subtle glitter on the ground, while you will re-acquire the other two items later in the story.

Locate the Survivors
The first thing you need to do in this quest is to help One-eyed Matthew, Narwhal’s First Officer, locate the survivors of the crash. First, find Adia Turay by traveling a bit to the South-West.

Then, travel down the northern border of the zone, to the west, to locate Octlana and talk to her.

From where you found Octlana, travel north and go along the path to the easy of Amethyst Barrens to find the hermit Naolin.

Travel to Quetzal
After finding the survivors, you have to reach Quetzal, which is a mining city on Tucma. Do this by crossing the Xolot Reservoir. Remember to capture a Toxoloti you wouldn’t mind losing for a later quest.

Get away from the Mines of Mictlan
Here, you will receive a squad of Temtem which you are allowed to keep with you.

Request help from the Dojo
Go to the Quetzal Dojo and ask for help. Here, you will have to take down Yareni, the Dojo Leader. Doing this will lead you into three side quests called ‘Beached Narwhal’, ‘Liberate Matthew’ and ‘First Aid’. You have to complete all three of these to continue the main quest.

Beached Narwhal
Travel to the south-east side of Quetzal and go inside the building to find the Guildmaster. Request him for help with fixing up the Narwhal. Then, go to the Tamer’s Supply Shop (east of the cosmetic store) and purchase a vehicle from Akatzin. You have to give him the Toxoloti you got in the main quest.

Now, go to the Xolot Reservoir and request Sugey to make your surfboard immune to acid. This will lead you into another side-quest called ‘Water Supply’. All you need to do to complete this additional side-quest is to go back to the Mines of Mictlan to find the water samples and bring them back to Sugey.

After getting your surfboard made acid-proof, surf west of Sugey and locate the entry point to the Kakama Cenote. Here, you will have to fight Max. After defeating Max, grab the idol and open the gate to the Mines. Once you’ve done that, go to the Guildmaster and tell him you’ve opened the Mines.

Liberate Matthew
Go to the jail cell you were locked up in and speak to One-eyed Matthew there. You have to persuade the Captain to free One-eyed Matthew. Go to northern part of the Xolot Reservoir and battle Naolin. Then, search for the renegade guards in an island there and take them down as well. Finally, bring the Ancient Idol to the Captain in the jail cell to liberate Matthew.

First Aid
Go to the Temporium at Quetzal and speak to the vendor there go get the First-Aid medicines. Take these medicines back to Octlana, at the crash site of the Narwhal to complete this side-quest and move on with the main quest.

Get an Airship to Kisiwa
Head to the airship dock and speak to Captain Magda to get an airship to Kisiwa.

Meet up with Manki
Exit Quetzal and head south of the Miniporium, towards Kupleleza and meet up with Manki.

Travel to Kisiwa
Travel all the way to Kisiwa using your Rock-hopping Hook