Temtem Platimous Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide contains all the crucial information needed to catch Platimous in Temtem including its locations and the benefits it offers

In this guide, we will be discussing all about Platimous, its evolutionary forms and how to find one. Read on for a full detailed breakdown of Temtem Platimous Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats.

Temtem Platimous Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Platimous is a water or toxic type Temtem and its base form is Platox which evolves into Platimous.

It looks like a Platypus with a beak and has a dark blue column of feathers in the middle of its head and the rest of its feathers are light blue. It has a black platypus like beak. They are great predators and effective fighters.

Platimous has the following base stats:

  • HP: 71
  • STA: 49
  • SPD: 82
  • ATK: 56
  • DEF: 39
  • SPATK: 90
  • SPDEF: 70

Type Defense
Following types hurt Platimous by the amount mentioned i.e. the damage taken:

  • 0.5x from Fire
  • 0.5x from Water
  • 2x from Electric
  • 0.5x from Earth
  • 2x from Wind

Platimus has three stages of evolution and Platimous is the final stage. It starts from Platypet and goes through Platox before converting into Platimous. Each evolution occurs after an increase of 20 levels.


Following is the list of all techniques along with their details.

These techniques are learned by leveling:

Lvl Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold
1 Finbeat Neutral Physical 32 4 0
3 Water Blade Water Special 52 10 0
4 Venomous Claws Toxic Physical 40 9 0
7 Sand Splatter Earth Physical 35 7 0
9 Cheer Up Neutral Status 7 0
14 Aqua Bullet Hell Water Special 67 17 1
18 Tsunami Water +Wind Special 70 25 1
24 Toxic Fang Toxic Physical 62 12 1
36 Paralysing Poison Toxic Status 20 2
48 Aquatic Whirlwind Water Special 130 29 1

These techniques are learned by technique courses

TC# Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold
5 Misogi Water(+Water) Status 22 2
7 Noxious Bomb Toxic Physical 100 20 0
12 Rend Neutral Special 50 22 2
15 Footwork Melee Status 15 1
16 Held Anger Neutral Physical 130 12 3
18 Major Slash Neutral Physical 150 33 1

These techniques are learned by breeding:

Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold
Urushiol Toxic (+Toxic) Physical 41 8 0
Antitoxins Toxic Status 26 2
Sharp Rain Water Special 130 20 2
Flood Water (+Earth) Status 22 1
Intimidation Mental Status 12 2
Shrill Voice Neutral Special 42 12 1

Platimous Locations
There are no known locations to find Platimous directly however you can find its base form and it can evolve into Platimous. Platypet can be found in Corrupted Badlands and Xolot Reservoir areas of Tucma island.

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