Temtem Mastione Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Catch yourself the fiery and destructive Mastione with the help of this Temtem location to gather some useful information about this creature

If properly tamed, a Mastione can rein in its destructive tendencies and hence one should know every minor detail about it which you will find here in this Temtem Mastione Locations, How to Catch, Evolutions and Stats guide of ours.

Temtem Mastione Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Mastione is a land-shark looking Fire-type Temtem with fins on its arms and on top of the head. It is a fire loving Temtem and can be found grazing in woods devoured by the wildfire.

Mastione Evolution

Before we head towards describing stats and locations, we must discuss about Evolution of Mastione as it is quite important to know its evolution line in order to understand the stats and locations.

So a Mastione is actually the evolved version of a Magmis which is also a Fire-type Temtem. The Magmis is evolved into a Mastione at level 16.

Here are the complete Base Stats of Mastione Temtem.

  • HP 69
  • STA 62
  • SPD 52
  • ATK 91
  • DEF 65
  • SPATK 62
  • SPDEF 37

Magmis has the following base stats

  • HP: 52
  • STA: 51
  • SPD: 37
  • ATK: 55
  • DEF: 42
  • SPATK: 45
  • SPDEF: 35


The Mastione Temtem has two main traits which are Bully and Pyromaniac.

By the Bully trait, techniques inflict 30% more damage when the allies outnumber rivals.

The Pyromaniac trait increases 15% damage while using Fire techniques.

Techniques – By Leveling

Name Type Class Damage
Rage Melee Status
Footwork Melee Status
Tenderness Neutral Status
Cage Neutral Status
Block Melee Status
Fire Flame Fire Special 45
Rend Neutral Special 50
Warm Cuddle Fire Physical 53
Jaw Strike Neutral Physical 60
Embers Fire Physical 63
Magma Cannon Fire Special 70
Meteor Swarm Fire Physical 75
Major Slash Neutral Physical 150

Mastione Location & How to Catch

The Mastione Temtem can be found in the Island of Omninesia in the area of Anak Volcano. It is very rare and can be found at level 23-26.