Temtem Gyalis Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide contains all the information you need to catch the cool Ruby-like Temtem Gyalis complete with its locations and more

The world of Temtem is full of interesting creatures waiting to be tamed. Most of them have a unique advantage over the battlefield. Taming these creatures is no easy task. In this guide, we will be discussing the details of Temtem Gyalis Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats. Gyalis is actually a Crystal and Melee type Temtem. However, Gyalis has no evolutionary form.

Temtem Gyalis Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Gyalis is a Crystal and Melee type Temtem. With a ruby-like look, this formidable Temtem has a great skill-set along with good initial stats. Gyalis’ red aura radiates confidence and instills uncertainty in its enemies.

Gyalis has the following base stats.

  • HP: 86
  • Speed: 100
  • Defense: 61
  • Special Defense: 61
  • Stamina: 44
  • Attack: 85
  • Special Attack: 23

Gyalis Locations
Currently, it is unknown as to where to find Gyalis, the location will be updated as soon as its whereabouts are known.

Gyalis has a variety of skills that he can learn; throughout his progression system, you will find a number of techniques Gyalis can use that are extremely useful for keeping a hold of the battlefield and tipping the odds in your favor.

Technique Name Level Required Technique Type Damage
Glass Blade 1 Crystal 32
Kick 4 Neutral 32
Show Off 7 Melee
Footwork 12 Melee
Block 16 Melee
Drill Impact 20 Neutral 120
Sharp Stabs 26 Crystal 76
Crystal Bite 35 Crystal 130
Ninja Jutsu 43 Neutral 130

Moreover, other techniques can be taught through Technique Courses which include:

Technique Name TC# Technique Type Damage
Awful Song 8 Neutral 96
Antitoxins 9 Toxic
Cage 11 Neutral
Rend 12 Neutral 50
Major Slash 18 Neutral 150

Moreover, additional moves can be learned through breeding Gyalis

Technique Name Technique Type Damage
Crystal Spikes Crystal 120
Crystallize Crystal
Heat Up Fire
Earth Wave Earth 90
Haito Uchi Melee 85

Gyalis Evolution
Gyalis does not have an evolution.

Gyalis has two traits

Mirroring – With this trait at Gyalis’ side, he is able to deliver 20% damage in return to the enemy if he is attacked with a Special Technique.

Resistant – If you get a negative status condition, then your turn is decreased by 1.

Gyalis Type Defense
The following multipliers will explain how much damage Gyalis takes from each type of Temtem.

  • Neutral : 1x damage
  • Fire : 2x damage
  • Water : 1x damage
  • Nature : 1x damage
  • Electric : 0.5x damage
  • Earth : 2x damage
  • Mental : 1x damage
  • Wind : 1x damage
  • Digital : 2x damage
  • Melee : 1x damage
  • Crystal : 1x damage
  • Toxic : 0.5x damage

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