Temtem Adoroboros Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide will help you catch the cute but deadly snake Temtem Adoroboros by giving you all its spawn locations and useful information

Adoroboros is a Toxic and Mental-type Temtem, which may seem cute and cuddly by appearance, but it is absolutely vicious once you enter a battle with it. This guide will give you Temtem Adoroboros Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats information.

Temtem Adoroboros Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Adoroboros combine the complex Mental tricks and the deadly Toxic traits to tear down their opponents.

This guide contains all the information you need to know about Adoroboros, which will help you catch it much more easily.

Adoroboros can be found in the Xolot Reservoir, on Island Tucma. They have a 35% chance of spawning, and are usually found at level 28-31.


Adoroboros currently has no evolutions. The base form is its final form.

Adoroboros has two known traits: Synergy Master and Toxic Skin.

Synergy Master

This trait gives a boosts damage output through synergy techniques by 25%. That is as long as this Temtem is engaging in the synergy.

Toxic Skin

Poison is inflicted onto the attacker when this Temtem is attacked using a physical technique.

Base Stats

  • HP: 66
  • STA: 66
  • SPD: 60
  • ATK: 29
  • DEF: 42
  • SPATK: 70
  • SPDEF: 110

Adoroboros acquires the following Techniques from Leveling

Lvl. Name Class Type Hold Stamina Damage Priority
1 Tail Strike Physical Neutral 1 5 50 Normal
5 Energy Manipulation Special Mental + Nature 0 11 45 High
10 Toxic Ink Physical Toxic 0 16 80 Normal
17 Psychic Collaborator Special Mental + Mental 1 19 1 Normal
23 Beta Burst Special Mental 0 23 100 Normal
30 Pollution Status Toxic 2 22 Normal
39 Lullaby Status Mental 2 27 Low High
48 Sacrifice Status Neutral 1

These techniques are acquired through various technique courses

Lvl. Name Class Type Hold Stamina Damage Priority
4 Wake Up Physical Neutral 0 1 Very High
5 Misogi Status Water + Water 2 22 Normal
7 Noxious Bomb Physical Toxic 0 20 100 Normal
9 Antitoxins Status Toxic 2 26 Normal
10 Confiscate Status Neutral 0 7 Normal
17 Relax Status Neutral 1 12 Low

If you take your Adoroboros to a Breeding Center and have it breed there, the resulting Adoroboros can have one of the following techniques

Name Class Type Hold Stamina Damage Priority
Hypnosis Status Mental 1 12 Low
Held Anger Physical Neutral 3 12 130 Low
Inner Spirit Special Melee 2 23 170 Normal

Type Defense
The Type Defense of this Temtem against each type of Temtem governs how much damage it takes from that specific type.

  • Neutral: 0.5x damage.
  • Fire: 1x damage.
  • Water: 0.5x damage.
  • Nature: 0.5x damage.
  • Electric: 2x damage.
  • Earth: 1x damage.
  • Mental: 1x damage.
  • Wind: 2x damage.
  • Digital: 2x damage.
  • Melee: 0.5x damage.
  • Crystal: 2x damage.
  • Toxic: 0.5x damage.