Temple Run Tips and Unlocks Guide

Temple Run Cheats, Power Ups, Unlocks, and Beginners Guide.

In Temple Run, you control a treasure hunter who is being chased by a couple of monkeys. You must avoid the on-coming obstacles and escape the temple safely. If you are new to the game and having difficulties playing through different levels, you can read our Temple Run Tips.

Temple Run Tips and Unlocks

The developers have already made a tutorial in the game. You should go through it once as it is pretty much detailed and you can learn a lot from it. Open the options menu and enable tutorial.

  • Controls – Gestures
  • Turn Left – Swipe LEFT
  • Turn Right – SWIPE RIGHT
  • Jump – SWIPE UP
  • Slide – SWIPE DOWN
  • Change Lane to Left – TILT DEVICE, LEFT
  • Change Lane to Right – TILT DEVICE, RIGHT

Basic Tips

When you’re going through the trailer it will tell you to either slide or jump from an obstacle, this is not true. Some of the obstacles can be avoided by both – the jump and by sliding so you may choose what’s best for you. Don’t fall for money, sometimes when you tilt for collecting up more money/coins it can result in a failure. Be careful, sometimes there is no side-wall and you can fall.

Power Ups

Other than the standard coins, there are different powerups which you can collect on your way; some of them will help you to get extra bonus points whereas some of them will increase your attributes.

Coin Powerups
These will increase the number of coins which you get by collecting them. Re-collecting them will add more to the increased amount.

Coin Magnet
It will make you act as a magnet, you will automatically collect the near-by coins without any effort. Recollecting them will increase the duration.

Invisibility (Invincible)
Such a coin will make you invincible, you won’t fall of the blank spaces…more like you’ll start flying. You will have to worry about the turns though. Recollecting them will increase the duration.

250m Boost Power up
If you collect them then your running speed will be increased. You should only collect this if you have a proper hold on to the game because this way it’s harder to collect the coins and jump over the obstacles/gaps. Recollecting them will increase the duration.

Doubling Value
These coins will simply double the value of some coins. It’s very profitable and a nice thing to collect.

Temple Run Unlocks


  • Comeback to life after death – 500 coins
  • Boost ahead a 1000meters at the start – 2500 coins
  • Boost ahead a 2500meters at the start – 10,000 coins.


  • 50 Coin Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Coin Magnet Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Invisibility Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • 250m Boost Powerup -It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Doubling Value Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.


  • Guy Dangerous – Already Unlocked
  • Scarlett Fox – 10000 Coins
  • Barry Bones – 10000 Coins
  • Karma Lee – 25000 Coins
  • Montana Smith – 25000 Coins
  • Zach Wonder – 25000 Coins
  • Francisco Motoya – 25000 coins


  • Five Thousand Coins each.
  • Temple Wall
  • Guy Dangerous
  • Evil Demon Monkeys

Real Money investment
If you cannot afford to grab so many coins but can afford some real money then you can trade some dollars for the in-game coins.

  • 2500 coin pack – $0.99
  • 25000 coin pack – $4.99
  • 75000 coin pack – $9.99
  • 200000 coin pack – $19.99

Cheats and Achievements


  • Type the cheats at the title screen for effect
  • Unlimited Invincibility – samhines86
  • Unlock Characters – rxh7nigh

Here is a list of all the achievements which can be unlocked/achieved by performing a particular set of activities.

  • Novoice Runner – Run 500m
  • Pocket Change – Collect 100 coins
  • Adventurer – Score 25000 points
  • Sprinter – Run 1000m
  • Mister Run – Run 500m without any coin
  • Piggy Bank – Collect 250 coins
  • Treasure Hunter – Score 50000 points
  • Mega Bonus – Bonus Meter 4x
  • Athlete – Run 2500 meters
  • Lump Sum – Collect 500 Coin
  • Resurrection – Resurrect once you’ve died
  • Basic Powers – Have had all the level 1 powerups
  • High Roller – Score 100k points
  • Payday – Collect a total of 750 coins.
  • Head Start – Use the utility – headstart.
  • Steady Feet – Run 2500meters without tripping
  • Allergic to Gold – Run 1000m without collecting any coin.
  • 5k Runner – Run a 5000m.
  • No.Trip.Runner – 5000m without tripping
  • ¼ Million club – Score a total of 250k points.
  • Double Resurrection – Use the resurrection utility twice in the same run.
  • Money Bags – collect a total of 1000 coins.
  • ½ Million Club – Score 500k points
  • 50 Coin Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Coin Magnet Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Invisibility Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • 250m Boost Powerup -It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Doubling Value Powerup – It will be enabled by 250 coins.
  • Super Powers – Have all level 5 powerups
  • Dynamic Duo – Unlock Two Characters
  • Million Club – Score 100k points
  • Money Bin – Collect 2.5k coins
  • Fantastic four – Unlock four of the characters.
  • Sexy Six – Unlock six of the characters.
  • Interior Decorator – Unlock 3 wallpapers
  • 10k Runner – Run a total of 10k m
  • For Knox – Collect 5k coins
  • 2.5 Million Club – Score a total of 2.5 million points.
  • 5 million Club – Score a total of 5 million points.
  • The Spartan – Collect 1 million without the help of powerups
  • 10 Million Club – Score 10 million points.

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