Tekken 7 VR Theories Debunked; Tekken Bowl and Mishima Based Mode Expected

According to OPM, many of the Tekken 7 VR theories are not true; here's what's going to happen. Also Tekken Bowl mode expected to return in PS4.

Okay girls and guys this is coming straight out of the recently published Official PlayStation Magazine and since most of you might not have gotten your hands on it yet, we are doing the toiling. There are a number of Tekken 7 VR theories for the PS4 among the fans, but guess what, not all of them are true.

The game designer with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Michael Murray, has talked to the OPM about different speculations that are in the air regarding what they plan to do with the Tekken 7 VR related plans.

Murray has, if not anything else, debunked a number of theories. Firstly, people have been theorizing that there will be a Tekken 2 Cheat Mode like first person fighting mode that users would play with the PlayStation VR (something that Namco says would be “crap”). However, Murray says they are not going down that line. Instead, the OPM reads:

The mode with highlight Kousuke Waki’s character design and present a different aspect of the game “as opposed to normal or core Tekken.” Tekken has always been unpredictable, but never before has it embodied this so fundamentally and delightfully. If madness is doing the same thing over and over again, this revamp is – in the craziest twist of all – the sanest game of 2016.

Wow, now that excites me even more about Tekken 7 VR.

Anyhow, there are a number of other things that have been revealed by Michael Murray. For instance, he said that Akuma is “definitely” jumping to the PS4 version of the game from Street Fighter.

More importantly, Murray, while explaining that “still trying to finalise what [they are] going to do with the game as a whole when it goes to console,” also hinted at a number of old game modes that could return to Tekken 7 PS4 version. At least one of them could be the famous Tekken Bowl while the other could revolve around the story of the Mishima family.

What excites you more, the Tekken 7 VR scene or the expected game modes?

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